Adobe Flash security update for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and Solaris users

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Adobe Flash patchIt doesn't matter if you run Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris or even Android.. if Adobe goes public about a security vulnerability in its Flash product, you better install the patch to protect against the problem.

Adobe's emergency patch was issued over the weekend to protect against a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Targeted attacks could use the vulnerability to trick users into clicking on a malicious link delivered in an email message.

Adobe says that Adobe Flash Player and earlier are vulnerable on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris operating systems. On Android, Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions are at risk.

You can visit a page on Adobe's website to determine which version of Adobe Flash you are running.

More information can be found in Adobe's security bulletin APSB11-13.

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6 Responses to Adobe Flash security update for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and Solaris users

  1. tiggher · 1550 days ago

    It seems I am slowly forced out of my power pc. It says I cannot download this new version because of the power pc. But it did send me to a page that was a might confusing for me as to what player I can download:

    So my question is this. Am I safe with a power pc?

  2. Nolly · 1550 days ago

    Note that the Android patch isn't out yet; they say it will be this week.

  3. Presumably no since it is announced on the site all previous versions. Try Firefox or Google Chrome? Google Chrome comes bundled with flash and it updates seperately from the main flash program.

  4. ali · 1550 days ago

    It seems like adobe is having updates every 2-3 weeks now. Why don't they make a central updating system for companies?

    just a quick question to you all: what do you guys do to deploy adobe flash and reader with the group policies? I mean the updates?

    It's a right PITA to get MSI's and do the whole install rather than just a patch.

  5. Maex · 1550 days ago

    Isn't it funny, how Adobe - after all those years - still is unable to deliver 64-bit versions. The beta version for Linux is dated November 2010.

    Q: Why doesn't Flash Player come in a 64-bit version?
    A: 64-bit software is coded differently from 32-bit software.

    This statement probably explains the "quality" of all their software.

  6. Sizzle69 · 1535 days ago

    Is there an IDE released as yet from Sophos that detects exploits using this vulnerability?

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