Free Tube Hub hot sexy girls links spread on Facebook

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Mouse clickBeware the black booty!

There's a huge trend right now for scams to spread across Facebook, using various alluring topics to get you to click.

Ask yourself this. Would you be in the market for a website which offers daily updated awesome movies of the hottest sexy girls?

If so, you're a prime candidate to fall for the latest scam spreading rapidly across Facebook using an image of a woman with a large bottom and a minuscule bikini.

Free Tube Hub

Damn, just found new tube site - a lot of awesome movies there!

Free Tube Hub - Your Daily Source of Updated Tube Movies!

Fine tube hub is the awesome collection of best tube videos, free movies and streaming Clips. Our hub brings free full length videos with most hottest sexy girls :P

Here's another version of the same scam:

Free Tube hub scam

Yep! The new HD Tube site - a lot of awesome movies there! Want to recommend it to all my friends :P

Don't make the mistake of clicking before you think, or you could be helping this one spread across the social network.

This attack is spreading very rapidly right now - so think with your brains, not with the contents of your trousers.

And if you did fall for the attack, make sure to clean it off your wall before you pass it onto your other Facebook friends. Use this as a lesson for the future.

If you're on Facebook and want to learn more about spam, malware, scams and other threats, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 90,000 people.

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5 Responses to Free Tube Hub hot sexy girls links spread on Facebook

  1. sjoerd · 1585 days ago

    What actually happens, technically, if you do click on the link?

  2. Perhaps if people were led more by brains and less by genitals this wouldn't happen so much.

  3. golferstub · 1563 days ago

    if you click the link, what happens is the page with the butt is sent to your friends as if YOU sent it to them. the ones who get it from you click the link (if porn is something they want to see) and it resends itself to their friends as if they sent to them. it just grows

    the last one like this was promising to show pictures of a dead Osama Bin Ladin.

    read about the "butt" one here:

  4. Mark · 1558 days ago

    Of course, there is nothing stopping people hiding this link on any web page so if something like this appears on a wall it's no guarantee that the person clicked on the link because they wanted to see porn.

    They best way to avoid this is to use NoScript addon for Firefox. It prevents most, if not all, "click-jacking"/"clear-jacking" attacks.

  5. debbie Evans · 1556 days ago

    I shared your page but the way you have worded your warning, people think my page has been hacked as it looks so like the scam that appears so people scared to click on the link and warning me. I think you should make your name bigger than the scam so when shared people do not think those sharing have been hacked..........

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