Ryan Dunn's last words lead to a Facebook scam

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Ryan Dunn, a star of the TV show Jackass, died last week after a high speed car crash. And within hours, ghoulish scammers were taking advantage of the daredevil's demise by claiming to have exclusive videos of the accident in links that spread via Facebook.

Ryan Dunn Crash Video [Exclusive]

Ryan Dunn Crash Video [Exclusive]

In addition, we have also seen bogus videos being promoted via viral links which claim to show Ryan Dunn's last words.


WARNING: For mature audiences only.

Clicking on such links, however, is playing directly into the scammers' hands. A bogus Facebook page appears, and you are tricked into "Sharing" the page with your Facebook friends in the belief that you are really passing an age verification process.

Ryan Dunn scam

Once you've helped the scammers spread their promotion across Facebook, you are tricked into taking an online survey which earns commission for whoever is the mastermind of the scam operation.

Survey scam

If you're a fan of Ryan Dunn, it seems to me that the very last thing you should be doing is helping someone who is exploiting the TV star's death make money.

If you got hit by this scam, make sure you have removed the entries from your news feed (to stop them being shared amongst your friends) and check your profile has not any unwanted "Likes" under your "Likes and interests".

If you use Facebook and want to get an early warning about the latest attacks, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 90,000 people.

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3 Responses to Ryan Dunn's last words lead to a Facebook scam

  1. WippyM · 1565 days ago

    I just can't help but think "what are my friends playing at?!". -_-'

  2. Dot! · 1565 days ago

    people are dumb and will click on anything. Why would anyone want to hear Ryan Dunn's last words? Why do they care? Look at the other posted scams. Justin Bieber did THIS to a girl...seriously? If he did something unsavory to a girl, don't you think TMZ or another media outlet would have picked up on it, before it hit FB like this? Also, who cares if people lost all respect for Miley Cyrus. Like anybody had respect for her in the first place. As a side note, I think her dad's tacky and exploitative. I'm waiting for her to pull a Lindsay Lohan.

  3. markidgconnect · 1562 days ago

    I have to agree. The malware types out there have obviously concluded that due to a total lack of critical thought in today's youth, all they have to do is create a faux link that resolves around a celebrity and a comprimising or extreme event. Pitiful.

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