'Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!' Wardrobe malfunction video used in Facebook scam

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Marika FruscioI must admit I had never heard of Marika Fruscio, when this scam spreading on Facebook was first brought to my attention.

But a quick check on Wikipedia revealed that she is a model and Italian TV hostess, whose biggest contribution to popular culture is that she had something of a wardrobe malfunction on live TV during a soccer show called "Diretta Stadio".

Clearly, the spammers behind the latest scam spreading quickly across Facebook were better acquainted with Miss Fruscio than me. I think perhaps I would like to keep it that way.

Here's the message that is appearing on many people's Facebook newsfeeds:

Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!

Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!
Lol Checkout this video its very embracing moment for her

I suspect they meant "embarrassing" rather than "embracing", but spelling has rarely been scammers' strong point.

And it doesn't seem to matter if you recognise Marika Fruscio or not. I suspect she isn't known outside of her native Italy, and yet the messages are appearing on users' Facebook pages around the world, enticing their online friends to click to see more.

Anyone who regularly reads the Naked Security site will know only too well what's likely to happen if you click on the link, but for those of you who are uneducated about scams, here's what happens next.

Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television! Marika Fruscio Facebook scam

Your browser goes to a webpage which claims that it's about to show you a video of the mighty Marika Fruscio falling from grace on live television.

Interestingly, on this occasion some of the graphics are not rendering properly - perhaps the imgur website which is serving the real graphics in this instance is aware that its images are being abused and so have removed them.

The page wants you to click "Jaa", and claims that doing so will verify your age. The truth is that it will do nothing of the sort.

The scammers want you to "share" the video with your Facebook friends before they'll let you watch. The message is in Finnish and - you guessed it - "Jaa" is Finnish for "Share".

Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television! Marika Fruscio Facebook scam

And here comes the payload. If you share the link with your friends, thus helping it spread virally across the Facebook social network, you will then be presented with an online survey. The scammers earn commission each and every time a survey is completed - now do you see why they were so keen for you to help them spread the link around?

Fortunately it's easy to remove the scam from your Facebook page.

Remove post from newsfeed

Maybe if folks showed a little more restraint when presented with a sexy messages on their Facebook newsfeed these sorts of scams wouldn't spread so quickly.

If you use Facebook and want to get an early warning about the latest attacks, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 90,000 people.

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23 Responses to 'Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!' Wardrobe malfunction video used in Facebook scam

  1. What can I suggest to my friends. They always click links like this. And I know it's just an another scam.

  2. Jess · 1565 days ago

    This one came up on mine, wasn't sure if it was a scam or not because the two people who had clicked it were in the same flat. Luckily I just assumed it was and didn't click.

  3. biltzkrieght · 1565 days ago

    Thanks a lot for this info...

  4. Marinelle · 1564 days ago

    Already only clicking the pic will post the link to your wall. This is new to me. Usually we had to go another step, like you describe in your article.

    • Kitty · 1564 days ago

      I saw this happen, too. Clicked on link, recognized scam, closed window. There it was on my wall.

  5. bacon · 1564 days ago

    If you guys are that temped to watch these videos, dont click the link if ur unsure if its a scam or not just copy the title of the video and go directly to youtube ! if its real it will be on there and no bullcrap sharing or surveys involved !

  6. Agustealo · 1564 days ago

    People need to be more educated about online spoof's, scams, viruses, etc. Thank to people like the OP for putting these kind of information out there.

  7. WippyM · 1564 days ago

    People might like boobs, but those people have, effectively, thrown away their wallet just to see ONE boob; I don't believe you people. -_-

  8. mnm · 1564 days ago

    So if this shows up as "John Doe likes this link" on their profile page, does that mean they've clicked on it?

  9. Joe · 1564 days ago

    If you just click the word link (which was blue, and hyperlinked) and nothing else, like you don't enter your age or anything on the video, will it still trigger posting the video as a status, or do you have to do all the steps?

  10. Anne · 1564 days ago

    Joe, in my experience, the latest scams will post to your wall even if you click only the link and nothing else. Maybe they don't get info from you (I don't know), but they still post to your wall and then they can entice other people and continue spreading... so it's best not to click at all!!

  11. King · 1564 days ago

    I've disabled my wall so that none of my friends can post to it any more and it's much easier to deal with!

  12. Sizzle69 · 1564 days ago

    Jeez, if you're using farcebook then you're on the internet. So, if you want to see someones chest then it's not that many clicks away. You don't even have to log off social networking sites. Open a new tab!

    Ha ha.... Lots of men are now having to shamefully explain to their wifes/girlfriends/boyfriends why they need to view such material.

  13. nigedo · 1564 days ago

    I would be very interested to learn more about how scammers seed these scams onto Facebook.

  14. dummies · 1399 days ago

    if someone is still interested in nip slips then they should get scammed.

  15. rosaemrich · 1388 days ago

    I have now this video on my wall (sombody else posted it on my wall)- but I cant remove it. In the right corner there is a bottom, but it says share with friends and friends.
    how can I remove it?

  16. extseo · 1382 days ago

    guys you know. It is a plugin type thing. like a browser addon. If you remove all of your plugin. It will not spread again from your account. I already knew its a viral video. So i didn't click it but after 1 day i logged on my facebook account on a public computer. which was affected by this virus. At the very first moment i logged on. That viral video was sent to all of my friends. I was shocked because i never clicked on such video and of-course it was embarrassing for me. Then i came up with the solution after a little effort.

  17. caffeinedependent · 1352 days ago

    Possible survey questions:

    1. Did you feel like a right tit
    a) before you clicked the link?
    b) after you clicked the link?
    c) All of the above.

    2. In your opinion, was this
    a) an embracing moment for her?
    b) an embarrassing moment for her?
    c) an embarrassing moment for YOU?

  18. DLTudor · 1321 days ago

    *Laughing here*

  19. mike · 1304 days ago

    but, but, but.... do we ever get to see her boob? :-)

  20. another mike · 1260 days ago

    Definitely a scam, but its interesting that they used a real wardrobe malfunction for this one. Yes, this really did happen on live Italian television. The video is out there. Not gonna post a link, but anyone who knows how to use google shouldn't have a problem finding a scam-free version.

  21. John marsh · 1220 days ago

    It is not good at all. In our friend list we are also connected to our family members and relatives. just think how embarrassing it would be if they receive a post like that from you.
    Guys ther is a new scan now days named as socialcam videos. Plz don't click on such kind of links.
    I think Facebook should do some kind of information security / application security so that these kinds of scams automatically get deleted as they are posted.

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