'Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted' clickjacking Facebook scam

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It sometimes feels like the number of scams spreading across Facebook is never ending. Here is the latest one that was brought to my attention by members of Sophos's Facebook page:

Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted on his wall Facebook scam

Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted on his wall
lol What true pain both are having at this moment.

It's another survey scam, of course, which earns commission for the folks who created the webpages and kicked off the campaign in the first place.

If you do make the mistake of clicking on the link you will be taken to a webpage which appears to contain a YouTube video and some rather sleazy advertising.

Boy reaction video

Watch out, though, if you try to play the video as this is a clickjacking scam which attempts to silently say you "Like" the page when you click with your mouse.

Users who have installed a browser add-on such a NoScript for Firefox will see a message warning them of the peril of being clickjacked.

NoScript anti-clickjacking in operation

If you've been hit by a scam like this, remove the messages and likes from your Facebook page - and warn your friends not to click on the offending links. Clearly there's much more work which needs to be done by Facebook to prevent these sorts of messages spreading so rapidly.

If you use Facebook and want to learn more about spam, malware, scams and other threats, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 90,000 people.

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4 Responses to 'Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted' clickjacking Facebook scam

  1. Chad Holmes · 1526 days ago

    Thanks! I think my sister clicked this link and got click-jacked! Now everybody knows she'll watch this kind of videos!

    I warned my fellow friends about this so-recent scam!

  2. anon · 1526 days ago

    I sometimes almost feel like these things are self-defeating. Someone is paid in order to generate, 'likes' of their page, but the payer is doing that so people will presumably actually see something, like an add, on the page being 'liked'. But this is blind liking.

    So people that pay for this sort of thing, they're getting nothing from it, just a bill to pay.

  3. Anon · 1525 days ago

    Stuff like this is part of the reason why I lost faith in Facebook and stopped using it.

  4. pixie · 1335 days ago

    Try reading ‘I Hate His Ex’ by Alex Moore. I’ve just read it and it has really help me sort out loads of problems within my relationship. It is definitely worth a try!

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