Facebook scammers spread app pretending to be 'Video Calling'

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As Paul Ducklin predicted only a few days ago, scams related to Facebook's launch of a video chat service powered by Skype are surfacing.

Facebook Video Calling scam app

This particular scam doesn't use the actual Facebook video service as Paul has predicted they will do, but it certainly is trying to ride the media coattails and attention Facebook's announcement generated this week.

What is clever about this one is that if it were true that Facebook Video Chat was an application, you might be more easily convinced to approve the application to have more liberal permissions.

Facebook fake video call permissions

This version asks for your personal information, the ability to post messages to your wall, read your posts(?) and to do all of this any time it likes...

Strange, if it were a video calling app it would presumably only need to access my data when I am using it, right?

Fortunately, aside from being a better social engineering trick than many Facebook scams, this one simply spams your friends and leads you to the ubiquitous surveys to fill out and generate referral fees for the criminals.

Enable Video Calls spam

If you see a wall post referencing "Enable video calls.", don't click it! Send your friend a message that they have been tricked.

I am sure this won't be the last scam targeting folks who wish to use Facebook's new service. Never download executables or other content proclaiming to enable the service.

Keep your eyes on Naked Security or our Facebook page for updates describing how to install the real service once it is available.

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3 Responses to Facebook scammers spread app pretending to be 'Video Calling'

  1. Cristobal Andrade S · 1511 days ago

    What if I falled for the trick, how can I can get rid of it? Every time open a new window in fb a long chat list shows asking me if I want to do a video call with any of my friend's that are online. Help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

    • Fenny · 1511 days ago

      At the bottom of that window is a settings button. You can appear offline and close down the chat window. It's incredibly irritating and can take a few goes to get it to go away, but it does eventually work.

  2. John · 1510 days ago

    It's already available since they announced it on their conference!!!! Go to http://www.facebook.com/videocalling

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