SSCC 66 - Popureb,, WordPress insecurities and Twitter hackers

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Sophos Security Chet Chat logoFans of the Chet Chat may have noticed that I missed a week... I don't have planned breaks, so on occasion travel and sickness combine in one ugly week and disrupt my good intentions.

Fortunately for me, Paul Ducklin stepped in to help this week and agreed to not only be my guest, but to edit the podcast as well. Thanks Duck! Paul applied the same precision scalpel he uses when editing the 90 second news, bringing you the best bits of our conversation in under 15 minutes.

Paul and I talked about the new technical paper published by SophosLabs on the Popureb rootkit and the risks and benefits of jailbreaking your iDevice using

We also discussed the failure of many WordPress users to secure their blogs. To wrap up the podcast we had a long chat about password security in the wake of the Twitter accounts of Fox News and PayPal UK being hacked.

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(7 July 2011, duration 12:26 minutes, size 8.5MBytes)

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6 Responses to SSCC 66 - Popureb,, WordPress insecurities and Twitter hackers

  1. file not found.

  2. podcast is not working (File not Found) !!!

  3. Keith · 1545 days ago

    I get file not found when clicking on play

    • Chester Wisniewski · 1545 days ago

      Sorry everyone, typos happen... All fixed now.

  4. Good episode!

    Surprising to learn of Sir Duck's preference for a jailbroken iOS device. Then again, if I could somehow force myself to enjoy the "i" devices, I'd probably want to jailbreak them as well.

  5. Tom · 1544 days ago

    You guys are awesome, keep up the good work.

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