How a Facebook blind date led to supermarket robbery

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Sexy ladyDo you take enough care over who you make your Facebook friend?

A Belgian supermarket manager learnt a lesson the hard way, after he struck up a friendship with a woman called "Katrien Van Loo" on Facebook.

Little did he know, that when she invited him to a dinner date at her apartment, something else entirely was planned.

As you can see in the following video, the unnamed supermarket manager didn't find a sexy Facebook admirer, but instead two men who overpowered him, and left him gagged and blindfolded.

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Before the night was out, a third man had broken into the supermarket and made off with an unspecified amount of money from the store's safe.

More information about the crime can be found on the Belgian police website. If you recognise the men caught on the CCTV footage, or have any additional information then email the police at

If you use Facebook and want to get an early warning about the latest threats, I strongly recommend you join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 100,000 people.

Hat-tip: Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson via The Register.

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9 Responses to How a Facebook blind date led to supermarket robbery

  1. While I agree that the cautionary tale of "facebook dating" is important, it's certainly not new. "Compuserve" dating had the same problems/issues in the 1980s, for pete's sake.

    • Nowhere in the article does it state this is a new thing. It's been going on for years on various different sources. Putting a cautionary tale on here at least let's people know that it is a potential issue.

  2. Lisa · 1528 days ago

    I'd watch this again just to listen to the narrator. :D Love that accent!

  3. I'm with Lisa on that one, very well done as always Graham.

    Secondly I'm afraid I have to ask: who is that rather stunning woman in the video?

  4. Aww, here I was retaining a glimmer of hope that she was a Sophos employee of some description! Obviously she'd have to host the next Partner Conference.

    Cheers for the info though! ;-)

  5. patty · 1521 days ago

    It is not so much the safety of those who "personally" engage in this "networking" thing; rather the indirect exposure to those around them, who do not protect themselves, from the unknowing., from those who they did not know; existed. 'Ex: A friend's Screw buddy's real boyfriend is robbing the house; & killing your dog in the process. Not random.

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