Facebook CAPTCHA fail

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Facebook has taken security to a whole new level.

I think this speaks for itself.

Facebook CAPTCHA fail

 Hat-tip: @Brucey1.

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31 Responses to Facebook CAPTCHA fail

  1. Theodor · 1525 days ago

    These things are happening very often the last weeks - not just on facebook. I think the try to "secure" recaptcha.

  2. Johann · 1525 days ago

    This happened to me when I tried to post a link from a news article. I don't have Chinese characters enabled on my Fedora laptop!

  3. teri · 1525 days ago

    I had one that had a word upside down. Seriously? I think their random generator needs tweaking....

  4. Aakar · 1525 days ago


  5. Randy · 1525 days ago

    Wonder what the audio was like...

  6. SirGuestALot · 1525 days ago

    You as security experts should know that the second word in this Captcha doesn't even matter as long as you have the first right..
    1 is for confirmation, another one as a help to digitalize books

    • Lateral · 1524 days ago

      Oh. Thanks, I didn't realise this captcha only showed itself to security experts. Thanks for clearing that up.


  7. Guest · 1525 days ago

    it says ma de [马德]

  8. Snapper · 1525 days ago

    Regardless of what the quirk is, I think it's a bit pathetic and a Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos doesn't actually know where to point the finger with this issue.

  9. as sirguestalot mentioned , this type of captcha uses one word that it knows for sure what it is and one word which it wants you to translate for it.The most "everyday" word is normally the one you have to get correct and the wierd word you can pretty much type anything in there..

  10. Lol · 1525 days ago

    I've just downgraded my opinion of the quality this blog.

  11. Кумановац · 1525 days ago

    you only have to write one word, the other one isnt for use

  12. Word of the day · 1525 days ago

    Aticandi is an "everyday" word?

  13. above-average jane · 1525 days ago

    I'm not an internet security expert and I read Sophos articles to learn more. Thanks to those commenters who noted that only the first "word" is required to satisfy the captcha, I learned something new today.

    For those of you criticising the author, keep it to yourself. Instead of denigrating someone who is passing along an ironic twist in facebook's pathetic security efforts, be happy that perhaps more average fb users are learning about internet security and reducing the chance of spreading viruses and malware.

  14. anon · 1525 days ago

    we all need a break from constant security info..

    well done to sophos for lightening the mood!

  15. WippyM · 1525 days ago

    I lol'd.

  16. Dread Pirate Robert · 1525 days ago

    Isn't that "mutoku"? (Or "without virtue" in English?)


    • lironah · 1524 days ago

      No, actually it's 馬徳, "horse virtue". "Batoku" would be the Japanese pronunciation, but it's not a Japanese word. Must be Chinese.

  17. Bryan · 1525 days ago

    I agree with above-average jane. Thumbs down on the know-IT-all trolls.

  18. Mary · 1524 days ago

    I in no way what so ever thought Graham Cluley was uninformed about this particular CAPTCHA - I am quite sure he knows the details of how they work! He was just pointing out how very funny it was that Chinese characters would come up at all in an English speaking website. Lighten up people (SirGuestALot & Lol)!

  19. James · 1524 days ago

    To those insulting the author: it's not always the first word, http://i51.tinypic.com/2rr17jo.jpg

  20. Lol · 1524 days ago

    I wasn't insulting the author, but basic research on the recaptcha system would let him know just one of the two words must match what most other users have typed. On top of it, if this was a legitimate 'fail'... The fail is on recaptcha's/google's end, not facebook.

  21. Mark · 1524 days ago

    Not really Facebook's fault but reCAPTCHA (so, Google). I get these often on other sites and it does raise a smirk.

    Due to the algorithm it uses you can sometimes leave a word out (it is forgiving if the word has not been presented often) but most of the time you are required to enter both. (See paragraph 6 of http://www.google.com/recaptcha/learnmore)

    Speaking of funny CAPTCHAs, the most amusing one I encountered was the random letter CAPTCHA on MySpace.com. On one occasion, it spelled out a very bad four-letter word (I can't post it here or I would be censored but I can tell you that it began with a C and ended in T!)

    I did wonder for a second if someone at MySpace was trying to tell me something!

  22. CAPTCHA technology has made our lives secure by reducing the number of spam computers worldwide.

  23. Dee · 1524 days ago

    Isn't this the kind of things BLOGS are for? He thought it was funny and so passed it on. Graham is the best!

  24. Johnny · 1523 days ago

    succeed !!
    aticandi 馬德

  25. 12345 · 1523 days ago


  26. Bbb · 1522 days ago

    you are supposed to write at least one of the words, both are not required, you idiots!

  27. Rob · 1522 days ago

    This was one that amused me: http://www.irrelevant.com/rob/cap4.jpg

  28. asdfghjkl · 1503 days ago

    happens to me all the time, expecially greek and upside-down characters.

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