The MySpace puppies hack that wasn't

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Early on Friday, visitors of the MySpace website were presented with a curious message that left many users believing that the service had been hacked.

MySpace message

We messed up our code so bad that even puppies and kittens may be in danger. Please turn back

* Have your pet spayed or neutered.

When you visit a website as famous as MySpace, and see a message like that, your first thought in a climate of website defacement and Anonymous-style hacks might be that this is just the latest .com to fall victim to an attack.

Rumours spread quickly around the Twittersphere and in early media reports that MySpace had been hacked after an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account referred to the hack (albeit without claiming responsibility).

MySpace hacked tweets

However, as The Next Web pointed out, this is a standard error message that MySpace has been using for at least two years.

So, the moral of the story may well be to that if you run a website you may very well want to have a cute error message for when things go wrong, but do try to make it look like it comes from you - rather than the result of a malicious hack.

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2 Responses to The MySpace puppies hack that wasn't

  1. Sheltiebrat · 1482 days ago

    I think it might be an indication of how little Myspace is used these days, that no one has seen or commented on the error message for two years............

  2. gene case · 1436 days ago

    MySpace no longer can be trusted at all. They don't care about you. They have let 3rd party come in and Del your account or when a hacker mess up your account and its get deleted. You are out of luck. All they can say is sorry, you can make another one. Your just out of luck regard less of how many $100.00 you have put into it. That why it’s going down. It’s just trash anymore for the hacker. Lots of friends are reporting that they had their account done the same thing.

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