Julianne Hough leaked photos published after phone hack

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Julianne HoughJulianne Hough is famous in the United States not just for being an actress and country music singer, and dating "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, but also for having won ABC's "Dancing with the stars" TV show twice.

So, hardly the kind of woman who you would think would need to resort to a cheap publicity stunt to raise her profile.

But no doubt there are skeptics who are right now wondering if the news that her mobile phone was "hacked" and one hundred of her private photographs published on the net is nothing more than a way of gaining attention.

Because she certainly is getting attention from various showbiz websites - with some unashamedly republishing photographs which are presumably stolen property with headlines like

Julianne Hough Gets Hacked - Check Out Her Sexy Bikini & Cleavage Shots!

There's nothing particularly salacious to be found in the photos that have been published - Julianne has a reputation for being a "good girl" - but clearly the photos of her posing in her bikini and sunbathing were intended for her eyes only (or at least hers and perhaps Ryan Seacrest's). Those hoping for titillating images of the dancer topless or doing a watusi with Ryan Seacrest will be mightily disappointed.

iPhoneA quick check of Miss Hough's Twitter feed reveals that she normally posts messages from her Apple iPhone.

It's unclear how photos would have been stolen from the iPhone, unless someone else had physical access to the device, to a computer the iPhone had been synched with, or if the photos had been uploaded to the net in some way (in the case of the latter it's not really a phone hack is it?)

Nevertheless, there's some very simple advice I can give to any budding starlet who might be worried about private photos of themselves leaking into the public.

If you don't want your boss, your wife, your schoolfriends, or even the entire internet to see a photo - think twice about taking it in the first place, and if you do take the photo keep it in a very safe place away from the internet.

Furthermore, keep your smartphone secured with a strong passcode. Too many people use easy-to-guess passcodes, or no passcode at all, which isn't going to provide much protection if you leave your iPhone in a bar.

Stars who have claimed to have had private photos of themselves stolen by hackers in the past include Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

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33 Responses to Julianne Hough leaked photos published after phone hack

  1. Alejandra · 5758 days ago

    Hmmm, with Ryan Seacrest as her boyfriend, I wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with it. Look at what he's done with the Kartrashians.

  2. hehehe · 1466 days ago

    Pictures, or not true! =P

    • Mattyh · 1465 days ago

      All I can say is having a friend who is friends to her and meeting her, she is NOT the sweet and kind person people think she is, she is only after Ryan's money and he is her so-called ticket to fame. She has men on the side, she is fake and trashy.

      • Tim · 1463 days ago

        Your comment is ridiculous. Where do you get your BS from? It’s too bad people can say such awful, mean spirited crap like this wherever they feel like. Being a hater seems to be popular thing to do on the internet.

      • Barbara · 1458 days ago

        Did you fall off a Turnip truck. She has been in Movies, Won Dancing with the Stars twice. Also, she has a beautiful voice. Why????? would she needs anyone's money????? Do you have a sister? Perhaps someone will trash her like you just did Julianne

        • scary spice · 1410 days ago

          oh please. i can tell you about a few rich people marrying someone 100x the wealth for money. i dont doubt that comment.

      • NORMAJEAN123 · 1381 days ago

        So a friend of a friend told you this??? Maybe that friend is jealous?

      • lynne · 1381 days ago

        If Ryan is gay and needs a cover, who is using whom ???

      • Augman · 1380 days ago

        Hearsay.....hearsay....hearsay.... So, do you feel big and important now? If you can not say anything good, shut up! You do not know a darn thing about her to be so mean-spirited.

      • Augman · 1380 days ago

        You and your friends are birds of a feather....all vultures, I bet....

  3. Barbara · 1458 days ago

    Are we Americans??? You would think we are terrorist that want to destroy the USA. What we shoiuld do is love one another and pay a compliment to them. It is so much better to love than hate, better to help than hurt,,better to love your Country, than to destroy it. I love all people. Color or skin has no place in my heart. Try this and it will make you feel great.

  4. Matt Hand · 1451 days ago

    You know, the best part about this whole leak is that it just make her look better. Seriously. Go look at them. So hot.

  5. TheHatGuy · 1437 days ago

    My take on this is Julianne is very independent ... she doesn't need some mans money, let alone Seacrest's .. a simple bit of jealousy being played out here ..she's a lovely woman, not only in appearance but in person ...
    Nothing pretentious about this gal. Leave her alone. Did I mention she's hot! Lol.

  6. Steve · 1386 days ago

    Cellphones are possibly one of the most unsecured electronic devices you could use to transmit information. I can't believe people perform online banking with their phones. How easy would it be for an unscrupulous developer to put out an app that would "monitor your accounts" for intrusion, just to capture your personal data whenever you're performing your online banking transactions.

    The message here is that your phone is not a secured device - be careful what personal information you store and transmit it on you.

  7. nancy Vogee · 1386 days ago

    I know that Julianne is not only beautiful on the outside but she is also a kind and a
    beautiful person inside. jealousy is a terrible thing and that is what i feel for those who put her down. She is also very strong so i know that she will not take the trash
    written about her to heart.
    God Bless you julianne and Ryan too.
    A 79 year old wise women, nan

  8. Ginger · 1385 days ago

    I don't think you need to trash this beautiful, talented woman. She has worked hard to get to where she is now. If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything!!

    A 68 yr. old wise women, Ginger

  9. paul · 1384 days ago

    Yeah she is a real phony. she dated country singer Chuck Wicks and dumped him for seacrest. they are perfect for each other because they are both disingenuous fools. Grow up Julienne, Really!

    • Shell-Bell · 1359 days ago

      For someone who comes across as hating her, you sure know a lot about her love life. Whats the matter? Didn't have a date to the prom? She'll grow up, give her time..she's only 23. Not trying to be ignorant to you but you sound like you are a miserable, lonely person who while fascinated with the rich and famous; are jealous of them at the same time. Yikes! You have stalker qualities. Leave her alone Paul, Really!

      Instead of spending all of your free time reading celebrity stories and trying to put them down being all angry, why don't you work on yourself & making your life a little happier? You might even find a companion! You can start by selling your computer!!!

  10. Guest · 1383 days ago

    Dear security expert how did someone get her photos? Its called hacking.

  11. faultroy · 1382 days ago

    Anyone that seeks fame is cunning, focused and ruthless. They are also wh*res. People that believe differently are naive. It is impossible to be an ethical person and at the same time do what is necessary to be in front ot the public eye and reap all the benefits. It is written that power and fame corrupts.

  12. artfrankmiami · 1382 days ago

    When is someone going to sue for copyright infringement of the photos?

  13. Ronald · 1381 days ago

    I think Julianne is great at everything she has done in her life. She has worked hard.

  14. Flange · 1380 days ago

    She might be a "good girl", but I smell a rat. She leaked these photos, methinks.

  15. Lynn · 1377 days ago

    All of you are entitled to your opinions BUT it goes without saying, "If he or she is without sin, let them cast the first stone." Oh my goodness....Are you sure that she is the "W" word? You had better get your analogies correct before you cast your first stones. Hard work always gets put to shame because others aren't working HARD. Jealously will get you nowhere in this life. The rich are always getting put down and they work hard for their money. So all of the unkind remarkers please GET A LIFE and work on being a kind and gentler person. Words are hurtful and are a Bullies favorite stone. Peace

  16. Without PICS this article is worthless. =O)

  17. WDA · 1363 days ago

    I saw her perform, up close, on a portable stage at our county fair in simple jeans and a blouse, singing a full set of country music and playing the guitar. She comes on the stage as an explosion of talent, personality and beauty; the dancing and acting we've seen on TV and in the movies. Move on; nothing phony here.
    Stars get wealthy by having other people like them and spending money to enjoy their entertainment. Few can match her accomplishments; no one can top her.

  18. jonny rockey · 1363 days ago

    pics or it didn't happen. FAIL.

  19. Mark Frederick · 1361 days ago

    It just kills me to see people trash someone because they can't get near her or fall in her group. I think she messed up her life running around with Ryan, I know she can do better than that.

  20. Shell-Bell · 1359 days ago

    She can dance, she can sing, she can act. Her body is great, she's got a beautiful face & a sweet personality. She hasn't done anything horrible like a lot of celebrities. She has that "good girl" / girl next door persona. Who knows maybe the "leaked" photos was her way of trying to slowly break out of that good girl image? We'll never know the actual truth but at least she didn't show her gidget like Paris, Britney, Lindsay, etc has.

    @ Mark Frederick - There is nothing wrong with Ryan Seacrest. He's not gorgeous but he's cute and is a good boy. The only problem I see is the 13 year age difference for their ages. Julianne is only 23...young, inexperienced where Ryan is 36 (i think these are their ages, if not exact, pretty close) and while mid 30's is still young, he's had more life experiences than she has. The other 'problem' I could foresee is J has talent, R doesn't and this could cause jealousies..even though he is filthy rich. Who knows, she might have everyone fooled and be using him to further her career. Ryan is now a well known name in Hollywood. (say thank you to Simon Cowell for that Ryan)

  21. m b. · 1358 days ago

    good grief folks will sell their soul for fame. it's real between her and seacrest? bah!!

  22. misso · 1343 days ago

    ask anyone in utah, they'll tell you from experience , she's shallow blond sellout- a dime a dozen

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