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Hi Naked Security reader,

Do you ever find yourself missing stories that we post on Naked Security? Ever wished that we could send you a daily newsletter with the hottest headlines, so you'll never be left in the dark again?

Well, good news! We've launched our daily newsletter - ensuring that you have the latest security news at your fingertips, wherever you want to receive your email.

You can sign-up for the daily Naked Security newsletter now using the form above, or use this link.

Remember, clothing is optional when you read our newsletter. Just make sure you're somewhere private.

Of course, we do need to ask you for an email address in order to send you a daily email. Sorry about that, but it was kind-of unavoidable. :)

We've partnered with our friends at MailChimp to handle the logistics of getting the emails to you - as we're impressed with the proactive steps they've taken to protect the many email lists they manage.

Naturally, we won't be using the list to spam you or to send you irritating adverts for Sophos products. Just the latest security news from our team of writers. :) And if you ever want to unsubscribe we've made that really easy too.

Don't forget, you can also join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, circle us on Google+ and even errmm.. link up with us on LinkedIn.


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5 Responses to Get Naked! Sign-up for our new daily newsletter

  1. Fausto · 1462 days ago

    I followed u in Twitter and Google+ but I see u post almost the same info so it's like reading twice the same posts. Maybe Im wrong, but I stopped following u in Google+. Anyway, I think ur blog delivers cool info.

    • That's fine Fausto. Some folks like Twitter, some people prefer Google+, others love Facebook.

      We just want to share our news however we can, using whatever method works best for our readers.

  2. KIJOGWA ROBERT JAMES · 1413 days ago

    I have developed interest in the daily security newsletter. Thanks. Nice time.

  3. clive · 1406 days ago

    i love reading about the latest viruses it makes me more aware of what to expect thanks
    sophos .

  4. Terryb · 1400 days ago

    Happy Halloween Naked Security Guru's, :-)
    I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You, for all the great work and information you give us non-guru's. I am not a computer wiz (wish I was) but I have always believed and try to live by the old saying - Knowledge is Power. Y'all do a wonderful job in giving your followers what we need to keep our Macs, PC, iPads and pods and mobile devises free from the relentless attacks all the cyber- poops develop and send out to us non- guru tech owners. With the knowledge we gain from naked- security and the great products Sophos develops we can have the Power to Protect - home or business is safer....All Because of What You All Do. So- A Big THANK YOU......Terryb - aka; non guru

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