Apache 2.2.20 released to fix DoS vulnerability

BugThis afternoon the Apache Foundation released an awaited fix to the denial of service (DoS) vulnerability reported a few days ago.

The fixes in version 2.2.20 of the Apache httpd server reduce the amount of memory that is used by range requests. If the total bytes of a file requested exceed the total file size, httpd will return the entire file.

This follows closely on the heels of a tool released to the Full Disclosure mailing list this week that exploits the flaw.

Apache web administrators are encouraged to apply this fix immediately. Unfortunately, as we see all too frequently, many Linux and Unix administrators “set and forget” their installations and never bother to look after their servers.

The Apache team should be applauded for testing and releasing an important security fix so quickly.

Now it is up to you, the IT administrators who are using Apache, to follow through and apply these fixes.