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OS X Lion accused of having huge network security hole


As a security friend quipped, "Have you seen the recent discussions online about LDAP network authentication on Lion clients? It's a really handy feature - if you forget your password, you can just make one up. A real helpdesk time saver!"

Apache exploit leaves up to 65% of all websites vulnerable


A newly discovered vulnerability in the Apache web server could leave up to 65% of all websites vulnerable to low-powered denial-of-service attacks.

So you want to be Anonymous? Get Pricked, Don’t Be a Prick


Guest blogger Mrs. W. shares her thoughts on how you can be Anonymous and change the world, without dumping innocent people's private details.

Welcome to Apple iCloud phishing attacks

Welcome to Apple iCloud phishing attacks

Be on your guard against emails offering to sign you up for Apple's iCloud service - it could be that you're being phished for your personal information, making money for internet fraudsters.

Apple hires jailbreaking iPhone hacker Nicholas Allegra

Apple hires jailbreaking iPhone hacker Nicholas Allegra

Comex, the creator of the JailBreakMe website which helps iPhone and iPad owners jailbreak their phones, has been given an internship... at Apple.

Louise Mensch: 59-year-old man arrested in 'Anonymous email threat' probe

Louise Mensch

Police have arrested a 59-year-old man in connection with threats made against a British MP's children via email and Twitter.

'May God always bless..' Facebook virus hoax spreads

'May God always bless..' Facebook virus hoax spreads

Facebook users are sending scary warnings to each other regarding a supposed new piece of malware spreading across the social network.

But is there really a piece of spyware hitting users, or is something else happening?

Maine voter registration system breached. Or not.


Reports surfaced on Wednesday that the US state of Maine might have suffered a breach in its voter registration system.

The good news, however, is that whilst a breach might have happened, it didn't.

Real Canadian pharmacies cost Google $500 million dollars


Google has agreed to a settlement with the US Department of Justice for $500 million for assisting advertisers to place illegal ads on AdWords for Canadian pharmaceuticals.

Android keylogging with no access to keystrokes?


July and August often produce some intriguing and unusual computer security research.

We've already written about BlackHat and DEFCON. Here's something from the USENIX HotSec workshop to pique your interest.

Jobs opportunities for Apple scammers?

Apple in child's hand

Steve Jobs has now done what many of us thought would happen sooner or later - stepped off the very prestigious CEO plinth, taking a less taxing role as chairman of the Apple board.

UK police charge man in connection with Anonymous DDoS attacks

UK police charge man in connection with Anonymous DDoS attacks

A 22-year-old student has been charged by British police in connection with denial-of-service attacks carried out by the Anonymous hacktivist group.

Which begs the question - Is being an internet hacktivist really worth the risk?

Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre? Trojan attack spammed out widely


Emails claiming to come from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro photocopier have been spammed widely across the internet, containing a malicious file as an attachment.

It seems like today's spammed-out malware campaign could have chosen an all-too-convincing technological disguise.

Password joke named funniest at Edinburgh Fringe


A joke about passwords has won a competition for the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Can you do better?

Anonymous gets dirty, releases nude photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson

Linton Johnson - Anonymous gets dirty

Partially nude photographs of a man said to be Linton Johnson, the chief spokesperson for the San Francisco's BART, have been released onto the internet in what seems to be the latest outbreak of hostility between the transport network and the Anonymous hacktivist group.

Twitter starts rolling out HTTPS by default - good news for security and Ashton Kutcher

Twitter starts rolling out HTTPS by default - good news for security and Ashton Kutcher

In a step which will be welcomed by its security-conscious users, Twitter has announced that it is beginning to turn on HTTPS by default.

Why is this important? Just ask Ashton Kutcher.

Apple got the iPad from WHERE?


Apple insists to a Californian court that it "revolutionized the telecommunications industry in 2007 when it introduced the wildly popular iPhone."

Samsung begs to differ.

Facebook revamps privacy settings - but misses opportunity to do so much more

Facebook revamps privacy settings

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out what appears to be a major change to its privacy settings.

But at the same time, it has missed a massive opportunity to lead the way on privacy.

Ron Paul's website attacked during fundraising drive


A fundraising drive by US presidential hopeful Ron Paul was disrupted this weekend by an internet attack against his website.

Suspect arrested over Hong Kong Stock Exchange web attacks


Less than two weeks ago, web services at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange were hit by DDoS attacks for two days in a row.

A man was recently arrested in Hong Kong in connection with these attacks.