Pink claims her Facebook page was 'hacked'

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PinkPop singer Pink has posted an angry message to hackers, who she claims stole photographs from her Facebook page.

But was Pink's Facebook page really hacked, or was she just one of the many people who have been careless with their privacy settings?

The Grammy award-winning singer, famous for hit records such as "Get the party started" and "God is a DJ", posted on Twitter about the incident, but didn't clarify the nature of the photos the hackers might have accessed.

My first thought was that the photo may be of her baby daughter Willow, after the singer recently railed against "intrusive paparazzi behaviour" as the media clamoured for the first pictures of her child.

Pink's tweet


Interestingly, Pink seems to be blaming herself for uploading the photograph to Facebook in the first place.

Pink's tweet

it's my own fault 4 posting a picture. i should know better.anyways,there are way more important things in the world than my facebook page.

This is quite astute of Pink. As we've said many time times before, if you want to keep something really private - don't upload it to a website, even if they do claim to have privacy controls in place.

Without further information it's hard to clarify whether Pink's Facebook account really was hacked, or whether she was simply sloppy with her privacy settings - allowing people who weren't friends of hers to view what were presumably private photographs.

Privacy levels for items posted on Facebook

Last month, Facebook announced it was revamping its privacy settings, making it more obvious to users how their uploaded photos, status updates and personal information was being shared.

If Pink is reading this, and wants to learn more about security and privacy issues on Facebook, she is most welcome to joining the Sophos Facebook page, where more than 100,000 people regularly share information on threats and discuss the latest news.

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4 Responses to Pink claims her Facebook page was 'hacked'

  1. Taffy · 1491 days ago

    dunno how they can say (There) facebook when most of her PR and managers probably know her password and maybe even friends there are alot of ppl that dont do there security which is stupid when it comes to a social network so if she has had photo's pinched from her profile she only has 1 person to blame,, herself.

  2. fredheadset · 1491 days ago

    Looks like she hasn't learned anything at all ! Her private photos can still be accessed.

  3. ginnnty · 1491 days ago

    Maybe her account wasn't hacked and her friends saw an opportunity to make a quick buck.

  4. "Last month, Facebook announced it was revamping its privacy settings, making it more obvious to users how their uploaded photos, status updates and personal information was being shared"

    Except, as I have discovered this evening, your comment activity, question activity, "like" activity, etc.... all of those things that show up under the little "recent activity" headline on your wall... those are ALL visible to the public, even if you have the tightest privacy settings, unless you tell it to completely hide those items with the "x" by the post, even from yourself and friends. There is no happy medium where your friends can see it, but not John Q. Public who is not your friend and is just creeping on your page. And it is NOT obvious at all. It's taken a couple of hours to figure out how to hide those posts, and only that quickly because another friend of mine knew what to do. And it took her half a day. I feel like Facebook security and privacy is one big, fat joke. I know I am usually pretty darn careful about what I post, so there isn't anything incriminating or very personal to be exposed about me, but I know there are millions of people on Facebook that are not nearly so careful and so are left vulnerable by what I see as a huge hole in Facebook's security.

    Just sayin'.

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