Sleazy slutty emails bombard inboxes, carrying malware

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Neon signAs many North Americans return to their offices after a long Labor Day weekend, they may find something unpleasant in their email inboxes.

A malware campaign has been widely distributed over the last couple of days, using a wide variety of different subject lines and attachment names.

There's one thing in common between all the emails, however. All of the emails use sleazy slutty language to trick red-blooded men (we assume) into open the attached file.

The many different messages claim to come from what some would euphemistically describe as online "dating" websites. Typically the emails will claim to contain photos of a young woman in her twenties, who isn't fussy about what kind of man she would like to hook up with (some say ages "between 21-99" are fine).

Slutty email

As mentioned above, the subject lines and attached filenames can vary widely - but there's definitely a theme..

Slutty subject lines

Sophos detects the earlier attacks as malware designed to infect Windows computers: Mal/BredoZp-B, Troj/Agent-TFW and Mal/BredoZp-ET.

And here are some examples of the latest instances we have seen, which Sophos detects proactively as Mal/Zbot-CX.

Slutty email

Slutty subject lines

If you make the mistake of opening the attached ZIP file, and running the files within, and you're *not* protected by Sophos, you could be infecting your computer with a Trojan horse.

Once infected, your computer could allow a remote hacker to stealing information from your PC - all because you thought some sleazy slutty photographs of a young woman had fallen in your lap.

Social engineering tricks continue to fool users into making poor decisions - remember to always think with your head, not with your trousers.

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5 Responses to Sleazy slutty emails bombard inboxes, carrying malware

  1. Judith · 1494 days ago

    No one should EVER open a .zip file from someone they don't know!!!

    • Michael · 1494 days ago

      Is anyone dumb enough to actually do that anyway? It's been drilled into people for the last decade.

      • Capture · 1494 days ago

        The same goes for the sleazy slutty profile pics on Facebook. Trying to get attached to some poor ol horny guy with money.

  2. Bouncy Voy · 1494 days ago

    Dammit... no wonder these girls have never called me back when I reply and run the attached software... Its a scam :(
    Coincidently I am still waiting for that Nigerian bank to deposit the 2.3 million into my account, I paid the transfer fee of £400 over a week ago!!
    They must be busy as they havent replied :(

  3. Jay · 1494 days ago

    yes, but what, if they are hot?

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