Nude Scarlett Johansson pictures - hacker blamed, but when will celebrities learn?

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Scarlett JohanssonThe FBI are once again investigating reports that nude photos of a famous celebrity have been leaked onto the web.

Twitter was ablaze earlier today with messages claiming to link to naked pictures of film actress Scarlett Johansson, which were allegedly stolen from her iPhone by a hacker earlier this year.

The photographs may or may not be of Scarlett Johansson, but I would suggest that every hot-blooded male exercises some restraint as it's extremely possible that cybercriminals might exploit the interest to post dangerous links on the web designed to infect computers or steal information.

Of course, Scarlett Johansson isn't the first celebrity to have fallen victim to a nude photo hacker.

Nude photos and videos of Vanessa Hudgens, the star of "High School Musical", surfaced on the net earlier this year, after it was claimed the actress's Gmail account was hacked.

Other victims in the past have included Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

Late last year, German investigators alleged that two hackers had
broken into the accounts of over 50 pop stars, including Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Timberlake.

In that instance, prosecutors claimed that hackers infected computers with malware in order to steal celebrities' credit cards details, private pictures, emails and unreleased songs.

Celebrities may be very privileged, but they deserve privacy as much as the rest of us when it comes to their personal phone and email messages.

And like the rest of us, they are just as capable of being foolish about their computer security.

There's a very simple lesson that celebrities should learn: if you must take nude photos of yourself, don't leave them on your phone or store them in your email.

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13 Responses to Nude Scarlett Johansson pictures - hacker blamed, but when will celebrities learn?

  1. Bones · 1484 days ago

    I think Sophos could help keep us all safe by posting naked photos of Scarlett Johansson on it's website then we wouldn'nt need to click on dangerous links...

    Come on Sophos do the decent thing!

    • culinor · 1289 days ago

      that's why it was called 'naked security' at the first place?

  2. bobo · 1484 days ago

    They are real. They were posted on last night around 11:40pm. At first I thought they were convincing fakes but other 4channers posted comparison pictures.

  3. goodboy · 1483 days ago

    It's not the fact of being real or not that SOPHOS is trying to get across here!They [sophos]are giving us a heads up about the potential danger which could come from clicking on these photos.
    @ disrespect intended but the SOPHOS site is for serious information pertaining to computer viruses etc. and how to stay safe & keep your guard up and your personal info protected.I'm sure if you really want to see nude pics of a lady..instead of the real thing you can always check out the porn sites>>>bet they have copied the pics of Scarlett already!

  4. char1661 · 1483 days ago

    i still don't understand why you would need nude photos of yourself on your phone or email...

    • commonman · 1451 days ago

      that is the only commodity she has to display and trade.

  5. Pusheasy · 1482 days ago

    Well, if I looked like her I'd have nude photos all over the place. What the hell?

    @goodboy You missed the tongue in BONES' cheek big!

  6. Tony · 1280 days ago

    "but when will celebrities learn?"

    Yeah,,,when will they learn to make sure the pic is in focus?

  7. Paul · 1225 days ago

    It's trivial to secure email these days. Free email certificates for encryption are available, PGP or GnuPG is readily available and not so difficult to set up if you have a basic level of competence and if all else fails, at the very least, you can secure files with WinRAR or 7z with a password. When will people learn basic security?

  8. Guest · 856 days ago

    SMH, so when a celebrity has nudes released there's a big federal investigation? What a wonderful use of taxpayer dollars.

  9. Courtney · 760 days ago

    Let's not play "blame the victim" here. It's not SJ's fault that someone hacked into her phone and stole her photos. It's the perpetrator's fault, plain and simple.

    • Exeter · 24 days ago

      Whether a “victim” is unknown.
      She might have been.

      There is some evidence that occasionally D & E list “celebs” have released their own sex videos & the like, in order to boost their newsworthiness - feigning outrage afterward.

      Somebody’s buying. Or viewing.

      If there was a contract, or money made on such material, then possibly somebody ought be prosecuted on the promotional stunt if it turned into a frivolous waste of law enforcement time.

      On the other hand, do we know that actress x or y, maybe just is an exhibitionist & the only socially acceptable way to do this is to claim to have been hacked.

      Look at the society & human nature, in general.
      They want to see the celebs naked - and tire of them soon afterward.

  10. ashley · 718 days ago

    its time these celebs keep their nude photo''s in a safe and not on their phoner

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