How to avoid having naked photos stolen by hackers

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Mila Kunis and Justin TimberlakeMila Kunis, the star of movies such as "Black Swan" and "Friends with benefits", is the latest celebrity to be making the headlines over allegations that hackers broke into her mobile phone and stole nude photos.

In the wake of the story about nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, several gossip websites have reported that they were contacted by people offering to sell them pictures stolen from Mila Kunis.

In Kunis's case, the images are said to have been taken from her mobile phone, and apparently show her "Friends with benefits" co-star Justin Timberlake lying on a bed topless, wearing some pink underwear on his head, and an image of Mila Kunis in the bath.

A fourth explicit image is said to feature an intimate part of a man who cannot be identified because his err.. head is out of the frame.

It's also alleged that private SMS text messages between Kunis and Timberlake are available on the internet.

Clearly, there's a continuing theme of celebrities having nude photographs of themselves leaked onto the internet - whether to publicise their careers or latest movies, or to make money for those who stole the images.

Past victims have included Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens.

So, here's my simple advice which I recommend to every Hollywood actor/actress, rapper and TV reality star. Cut it out and keep it in your wallet:

Cut-out-and-keep reminder

In fact, this is good advice for anyone to remember who finds themselves naked with a camera pointed at them, or is considering taking a self portrait before remembering to put on their clothes.

By the way, it's best to print out this page before you cut-out this advice. You don't want to damage your monitor. And ask a grown-up for help with the scissors.

And that's how you avoid having naked photos stolen by hackers.

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23 Responses to How to avoid having naked photos stolen by hackers

  1. Stephanie Gelder · 1484 days ago

    That's a rather high tech solution :)

  2. A. Robinson · 1484 days ago

    Sad this is, most of us are not important enough to have nude photos stolen from our cell phones IF we, as average people were dumb enough to allow such a thing to take place. :)

  3. Justaguy · 1484 days ago

    Yes, well you can avoid emails or texts being stolen by hackers, and voice conversations being recorded by the FBI, as long as you remember never to talk to anyone! You can also avoid having your possessions stolen by burning them all and living on the street.

    Some people obviously like being able to take whatever photos of themselves they want, similarly to how some of us like talking to people, owning stuff, or sending emails to each other. This suggests that some slightly more advanced security advice would be nice.

    Abstinence only sex ed is pretty much proven to be no good at all. What's with this abstinence only security advice?

    • alsojustaguy · 1484 days ago

      You'll notice that his advice is mainly directed to "every Hollywood actor/actress, rapper and TV reality star". That is, people who are far more likely to have their private pictures hacked from their phones. If you're in a position where people are going to be actively seeking out things like this, then I would agree that a very simple solution to that specific problem (and not, obviously, to the problem in general of hacking) would be to take care what is stored on your phone.

      • Mark · 926 days ago

        And if you read PAST that:

        In fact, this is good advice for anyone to remember who finds themselves naked with a camera pointed at them, or is considering taking a self portrait before remembering to put on their clothes.

  4. jmcc · 1484 days ago

    This was hilarious...but sadly and obviously something some people need to heed.

  5. shewrite63 · 1484 days ago

    Too funny! Wow, though.

    Thanks for your witty wisdom.

  6. Weird thing is, today I was searching for a photo on my phone and I found some nude photos of someone I can't identify and I know I didn't take the photos!

  7. A low tech solution to a high tech crime! If no naked pictures are taken, no naked pictures can be leaked (discounting photoshops ;))

  8. dclaar · 1484 days ago

    I just couldn't get over the fact that this advice was coming from NAKED security!

  9. Bernie Knox · 1484 days ago

    That last statement is pretty funny. But seriously, it's a no-brainer. People are texting each other with naked pictures of themselves. Sending them in 3-mails.

    If you just realize that nothing in e-mails or on cell phones or on social networking sites is private, you can think: Would I walk around outside like this? In a public park? Down a crowded street? Would I shout it in a room full of people who were waiting for someone to speak, and were silent for a moment? If the answer is no, or not sure, then don't do it in any of those venues. Pretty simple.

    Because you might see whatever-it-is on the Internet. And if you DON'T see it, that doesn't mean someone else isn't seeing it. Are you sure you want that? Think.

  10. Any one wants to see naked pictures of me, God pity them.

  11. Steve J · 1482 days ago

    I agree with #dclaar - no better home for this article!

    Let's face it: If voicemails and texts are so accessible, it was only a matter of time before someone thought 'Why pay passé paparazzi when the celebs can take the pics for you?' It wouldn't necessarily need a lot of technical skill to get hold of - just an opportunist find on the back seat of a cab.

    But levity aside - this doesn't just apply to those in the public eye: Any Joe or Josephine Public's compromising pictures could result in public embarrassment.

  12. Dee · 1480 days ago

    I knew what the answer would be before I opened the article. I'm guessing that these celebrities would still have nude pictures hacked from their cell phones even if they did not take any naked pictures. Because they are all PR hungry and that is all this is about. Not security.

  13. Alain · 1477 days ago

    I am in the security field my self , but this was great fun.

  14. Regnad kcin · 1406 days ago

    If I was photographed lying in bed wearing Mila K's underwear on my head I would damn proud of that picture.

  15. Darkgrey · 1194 days ago

    "And ask a grown-up for help with the scissors." < If you're young enough to be asking that, you definitely shouldn't be taking nude photos!

  16. Just Saying · 1089 days ago

    So you are blaming the victims?

    Here are two other solutions. One is that we build usable security. That implies that the readers of this site do their jobs. Yes, it is difficult to build something that is secure and usable. The second solution is to target the blame for theft and invasion of privacy towards the thief and invader.

    Blaming the victim is not okay. Amanda Todd killed herself this week. She "let" someone take nude photos. She was shamed; just like you are shaming people here. Just think, she herself may have come here for security advice. Here are the experts, maybe they could help! If so, she would have found shaming and bullying instead.

    Jessica Logan killed herself. She trusted her boyfriend so much she let him take her pictures. She was shamed, teased and bullied. And you pile on, "Shame on you stupid!". But she was already famously dead of shame and self-loathing when you published this, so you know she did not read it.

    Graham, you and most of the commenters here are part of the problem. You are shaming girls by blaming them for trusted and being betrayed. The shame is all yours. I am sure few teenage girls answered the survey but that does not mean they never end up here.

    Stop bullying. Stop shaming women for the bad behavior of men with images or cameras.

    Stand up for victims, not for bullies. Step back, then think about where you actually want to stand. I suspect you are a far better than this column.

    • I think you make some very valid points about how the clear person who is most to blame in situations like this is the person who has broken into an email account or hacked a device to steal naked photos.

      However, in the cases that I am discussing these are celebrities who apparently took photos of themselves (for instance, Scarlett Johansson) and then stored them in their webmail.

    • United sense · 900 days ago

      Just Saying's comment here is the only one that really matters.

    • As those who say things say... Just saying! · 401 days ago

      Soooo... Making an unwise choice should never be called what it is... unwise? It's one thing to shame, bully, deter all blame off the one who caused the situation, but we also shouldn't ignore the fact that they could have prevented their misery, and to learn from it. Taking away ALL accountability for unwise decisions perpertrates the idea that anyone should be able to do any stupid thing they want and not suffer any consequences... and thus it will continue to happen. We need to educate people on taking care of themselves and throw away the navitity that everyone should be a saint.

  17. Dead Cat · 1067 days ago

    LOL - Worthy of Viz.

  18. If you must take compromising photos/videos buy a freaking camera.

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