Adobe readies critical security patch for Flash Player

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Adobe Flash patchBe nice to the guys in your IT department on Wednesday, as they will be (hopefully) rolling out a critical security patch for Adobe Flash in order to make your computers safer.

Adobe has pre-announced that it has scheduled a Flash Player critical security update for sometime today, Wednesday 21 September.

According to a brief statement by the company, the update will address

"critical security issues in the product as well as an important universal cross-site scripting issue that is reportedly being exploited in the wild in targeted attacks."

Serious stuff, and every internet user (well, those who use Flash - so owners of iPhones and iPads can relax) would be wise to ensure that they update their computers as soon as possible once the patch is released.

For the latest information, make sure to keep an eye on the Adobe PSIRT blog.

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8 Responses to Adobe readies critical security patch for Flash Player

  1. Edge · 1479 days ago

    I hate to say it, but Steve Jobs was right. Flash is TERRIBLE, security-wise. It needs to be patched more often than Windows!

  2. Do you know if also the Beta will be updated?
    Now, I am using that, I presume, have the same problems of 10.3

    • You could use the Flash uninstaller and then install the latest version.

      Not quite sure about beta.

  3. Anonymous · 1478 days ago

    Only because everyone uses flash, I'm sure if everyone used QuickTime player there would be many viruses also. You'll never stop a good hacker!!!!

  4. Corner · 1478 days ago

    Thanks i have now updated to version on both my IE & Firefox.

  5. Just installed the latest version on IE

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