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Homeless hacker 'Commander X' pleads not guilty [VIDEO]

Homeless hacker "Commander X" pleads not guilty

The FBI believe that the homeless man they arrested on Thursday was "Commander X", a member of the People's Liberation Front (PLF) associated with Anonymous hacktivism.

See "Commander X" defending denial-of-service attacks in a TV news report.

DHS and NIST proposal suggests American ISPs should assist in stopping botnets


The US government is following in the footsteps of Germany, Japan and Australia by proposing that ISPs should attempt to detect botnet infected PCs and notify their owners.

Facebook to start charging? It's poppycock!

Facebook to start charging? It's poppycock!

Will Facebook start charging due to the new profile changes?


But don't let the truth get in the way of a good old-fashioned chain letter, spreading like billy-o across the social network.

Conficker: how to avoid infection and what to do if you are infected

Little icky worms on a keyboard

Ahhh Conficker. A nasty family of malware that plagued computers the world over way back in November 2008. Sadly, it is still knocking about rather prolifically, so here are some top tips to avoid infection, and advice on what to do if you are infected.

Mac OS X Trojan hides behind malicious PDF disguise

Mac OS X Trojan hides behind malicious PDF disguise

A fascinating new example of Mac malware has been discovered, that appears to be adopting an old Windows-style disguise to fool users into running it.

It's disguise? A controversial political dispute between China and Japan.

Facebook Timeline - Mark Zuckerberg encourages you to be less private

Facebook Timeline - Mark Zuckerberg encourages you to be less private

Facebook has announced a major revamp, which will impact its 800 million users.

Your old profile is going to be redesigned, and presented instead as a timeline going back to when you first joined the social network, and (if you so choose) even beyond..

Has CERN found an exploitable vulnerability in physics?

Has CERN found an exploitable vulnerability in physics?

We don't often cover non-computer non-security news on Naked Security.

But some news just cries out to be told, like this: that researchers at CERN claim to have exported subatomic particles from Switzerland to Italy at greater than the speed of light!

Massachusetts Attorney General to investigate iTunes fraud

Fake iTunes spam

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley stated this week that her office will begin an investigation targeting Apple Computers. She is looking into whether Apple is in compliance with her state's data breach notification laws related to fraud occurring on the iTunes store.

Homeless hacker arrested by FBI in LulzSec/Anonymous investigation

Homeless hacker arrested in FBI LulzSec/Anonymous investigation

The FBI has arrested two alleged hackers in San Francisco and Phoenix, believed to be asssociated with the LulzSec and Anonymous hacktivist groups.

And one of them is homeless.

Gleeonsky - first UK Promoted Tweets exploited by spammers


Surprise surprise.

Within minutes of Twitter announcing that UK brands can now target British Twitter users with promoted tweets and trends, spammers are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Should you trust this 'BBC' news report? Work from home scam spammed out


Who do you trust online?

Your friends? Lady Gaga? The media? How about the BBC?

If you read a news story on the BBC website, would you trust what it was saying?

Google Plus opens to everyone - but do you still want to join?


Google, which has, rather peculiarly, always had 28 words on its home page, just added another word: YOU. This one doesn't count though: it's in the menu bar, and it's there because all of us are now allowed to join Google Plus.

The question is: should we?

SSCC 73 - Patch Tuesday, UBS, SpyEye, and Windows 8

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Paul Ducklin joined Chet this week from a real-life Denial of Service situation at the domestic airport in Sydney, Australia. Topics discussed include Patch Tuesday, UBS losing £2.3bn, SpyEye on Android, hacked and Windows 8 including anti-virus.

September Adobe Flash update patches critical vulnerabilities


Adobe has released a critical update for its widely-used Flash Player software to protect against six vulnerabilities. At least one of these flaws has been exploited in the wild during targeted attacks.

So, Mila Kunis, if it wasn't your phone that was hacked..

Mila Kunis dormant email account hacked

Film star Mila Kunis claims that her email account was hacked, *not* her phone.. but that she wasn't exchanging flirty pictures with Justin Timberlake anyway.

Do you take enough care when you decide to switch email addresses? Or do you leave sensitive content lying around for a future intruder to stumble upon?

Microsoft dumps partner over telephone scam claims

Microsoft dumps partner over telephone scam claims

One of Microsoft's Gold Partners has had its relationship with the software giant unceremoniously terminated, after being revealed to be orchestrating a telephone support scam.

Adobe readies critical security patch for Flash Player


Adobe has scheduled a critical security update for Flash Player later today, protecting users against an important universal cross-site scripting attack that is being exploited in the wild.

China denies hacking high-tech weapon maker


Accusations fly that China may have been responsible for hacking a weapons maker, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is criticised for not reporting the attack to the Japanese defence ministry earlier.

Pornographic movies posted on Facebook walls?

Ponographic movies posted on Facebook walls? Hoax spreads like wildfire

A warning is spreading like wildfire on Facebook, claiming that hackers are posting pornographic movies on users' walls which are invisible to the owners of the wall but are visible to friends and family.

End of the road for DigiNotar as bankruptcy declared


DigiNotar, the Dutch certificate authority which hackers compromised and used to generate hundreds of bogus web security certificates, has filed for bankruptcy.