Bundestrojaner, Sony breach, Duqu, OS X anti-anti-virus, MS hack - 60 Sec Security

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Last three episodes:

13 Sep 2011 08 Oct 2011 26 Oct 2011

In this episode:

* The "Bundestrojaner" telephone interception software used in Germany comes under the spotlight for being a bit too malware-like.

* Sony lost data on another 100,000 users, down from 100 million or so last time.

* The Duqu malware is being touted as "Son of Stuxnet", despite having more differences than similarities.

* OS X malware called Flashback has shown up, this time with anti-anti-virus capabilities.

* Microsoft's YouTube channel got hacked, but it's an open question whether anyone missed the videos whilst they were off the air.


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