Gaddafi email scam offers you millions, and to set up an orphanage!

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Colonel GaddafiIt's not just malware authors who are taking advantage of the death of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi.

Scammers and fraudsters are exploiting what they see as a money-making opportunity too.

Take the following "top secret" email, for instance.

It claims to come from one of Gaddafi's cohorts, who says he is currently hiding in a small European country. Andorra? Liechtenstein? Vatican City? He's not clear about that.

But what he is clear about is that he has millions of euros tucked away in a Spanish bank account - some of which he'd like to share with you, and some which he would like to use to set up an orphanage.

Ahh.. what a nice fellow!

Gaddafi email scam

I wouldn't recommend that you pursue this business opportunity, however. The email has all the tell-tale signs of a 419 scam or advance fee fraud.

Inevitably if you start communicating with this fellow he'll begin to ask you for your personal information, maybe even your bank account details, and request that you send him money to cover expenses.

And you, and those orphans, will never see any of the money.

You may think it's crazy that anyone would ever fall for such an email, but remember there are people who are vulnerable or elderly who might be tricked into believing that the offer is real - and end up losing a lot of money as a result.

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4 Responses to Gaddafi email scam offers you millions, and to set up an orphanage!

  1. Robert Gracie · 1439 days ago

    Lets see whats wrong with this email...
    1. Muhammad Ali is a boxer not a libyan officer of the former gadaffi government
    2. Nigerian 419 scam absolutely
    3. The offer is far far far too good to be true
    4. the location is a mystery of this person because you wouldn't trust them unless you know where they are coming from
    5. The person behind this has absolutely no idea who Muhammad Ali really is...

    from what I think of those 5 points there that I made about sums up how this Nigerian 419 scam and well its just a joke with it you dont take a name of a boxer and claim he worked for Gadaffi that is just wrong!

    • Genima · 1438 days ago

      Muhammad is the most common first name in the world. Aside from the fact that it's obviously a scam, do you think it's entirely inconceivable that there was another Muhammad Ali?

  2. Steven · 1439 days ago

    He "found God" so it has to be legit. ;)

    It's really sad that people fall for these scams.

  3. person · 1439 days ago

    also i think the youtube link is a rick role... unless i typed it in wrong... haha...

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