Monthly Archives: November 2011

Outbreak: USPS or Royal Mail package email delivers malware attack


SophosLabs has seen a widely spammed-out malware campaign today, designed to trick unsuspecting computer users into infecting their computers with a Trojan horse.

Was police chief's computer hacked by journalists?


A senior police chief has been warned by British authorities that he may have been targeted by tabloid journalists and his computer hacked into.

LEO - the world's first business software ran 60 years ago today


Sixty years ago, the first business application ran on the first business computer.

What's the bet that someone said, "What will they think of next?"

FLAMING RETORT: Putting out the HP printer fires


Smoke and fire certainly make good hacking headlines.

But there's a lot more to the flaming war of words between Columbia University and HP than potential pyro printer problems.

Paul Ducklin weighs into the debate.

Manila AT&T hackers tied to terrorist attack in Mumbai


The FBI worked with the Philippines National Police to arrest hackers who allegedly attacked US telecom companies to raise money for terrorist organizations. Were those arrested simply pawns in a very dangerous game of chess?

Targeted attacks steal credit cards from hospitality and educational institutions

Detail of a four stars hotel with reflection

SophosLabs has been tracking an increase in targeted attacks focused on hospitality and education organizations. The malware steals credit card data directly from memory for later retrieval by the criminals involved.

FTC settles with Facebook, alleges promises weren't kept


The FTC has announced a tentative agreement with Facebook to address alleged privacy abuses the company inflicted on its users. Does the agreement go far enough?

90-second security survey: take part and win a Christmas goodie bag from Sophos

goodie bag

Social networks, personal laptops at work and internet threats. Tell us what you think, and win a goodie bag.

United Nations hacked - email addresses and passwords leaked


Passwords and login details belonging to the United Nations have been published on the internet by the TeamPoison hacking group who believe that the UN is corrupt.

Facebook worm poses as two blonde women


If you're a Facebook user be on your guard against the latest worm reportedly spreading on the system.

HP LaserJet printers at risk of fiery hacker attack


Researchers claim to have discovered a security vulnerability in "tens of millions" of HP LaserJet printers that could allow a remote hacker to install malicious firmware.

'Journalists hacked UK government' - police investigate evidence

Journalists hacked UK government computers

UK police have warned a former British Cabinet minister that they are investigating evidence that his computer was hacked by private detectives working for Rupert Murdoch's News International organisation and the disgraced "News of the World" newspaper.

WikiLeaks delays more secure whistleblower system

WikiLeaks's Julian Assange unlikely to face charges

WikiLeaks has indefinitely delayed the release of a new system for whistleblowers to remain anonymous while submitting tips, according to reports.

Leveson Inquiry hears claims of newspaper computer hacking


Were newspaper journalists responsible for not just phone hacking.. but computer hacking too?

Intuit payroll free trial email launches malware attack


Have you received an unsolicited email from - what appears to be - Intuit Supplies Group? Be on your guard..

Malware is being spammed out to internet email users, posing as a message from the payroll software company Intuit.

Cyber Monday spam hits email inboxes


It's Cyber Monday - the first Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, and traditionally a time when consumers spend oodles of cash purchasing goods online.

Inevitably, spammers are using Cyber Monday as an opportunity too.

IHC, Mac malware, Nerd New Year, Conficker and Privacy à la Google - 60 Sec Security


Watch the latest security news in just 60 seconds!

Enjoy an IHC T-shirt sighting at Kiwicon; be unsurprised at yet more Mac malware; find out why Nerd New Year wasn't; groan because Conficker just won't go away; and get the feel for Privacy à la Google.

Basic error puts anonymous bloggers at risk


In a recent experiment writer Andy Baio was able to uncover the identities of seven anonymous bloggers from a random sample of 50 in under 30 minutes; all thanks to a simple mistake they'd made in setting up their websites.

Spam attack hits Facebook's own Help Center


Spammers use the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to swamp Facebook's own Help Center with spam messages.

Safeguards for ethical hackers spurned by Australian government

Australia spurns ethical hacker protection

The Australian government has thumbed its nose at legal safeguards for ethical hackers, according to security researcher Alana Maurushat.

Industry professionals say they went out of their way to submit proposals for recent reviews of cybercrime laws, but the government decided to reject them all.