Shopping spree at Morrisons? Nope, another Facebook scam…

Thanks to a tip we received from a Naked Security reader, we saw an interesting Facebook scam on Friday.

As we know, times are getting tougher, especially with the holidays approaching. Food prices are high, morale is low, so who wouldn’t want nice big £150 gift card from Morrisons?

Facebook scam

It seems simple enough. Share the page and comment “Thanks!” and that’s it… wait a minute…

Facebook scam

Look! Another gift card! It’s my lucky day! And it’s for Argos! I really could use (insert appliance/gadget/electronic here). Let’s go and claim it!

Facebook scam

Ah ha! There’s the scam – the dreaded survey form.

The scammers earn commission the more people they manage to drive to online surveys.

Filling out an online survey like the above always puts you at risk of giving over your personal information to the bad guys too. If they are the “nicer” scam artists, they will simply sell the info to third-party marketing firms. If they aren’t so nice, all that info can potentially be used for identity theft.

We know that times are tough, and with holidays coming up it can make people a little more eager to believe in such scams, but in all honesty, the old adage continues to hold true. “If it’s too good to be true, it is”.

If it was reputable in any way, retailers would be advertising it themselves and you wouldn’t just hear about it on random pages on Facebook.

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