Bogus Bank of America Google Plus page attacks their reputation

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BoA Foreclosed Creative Commons photo courtesy of scad_lo's Flickr photostreamAs the Occupy Wall Street movement continues, hackers have turned to attacking some of the financial institutions protesters feel are responsible for their situation.

The web page representing Bank of America on the Google Plus service gives the appearance that it was hacked.

It does not appear this page was actually controlled by Bank of America (BoA), rather it seems to have been created by the attackers by tricking Google into giving them a business page under BoA's name.

Bogus Bank of America About page on Google Plus

The attackers have put quite a bit of effort into painting BoA in a bad light. They have posted at least 10 articles which say things like:

"Living under a tarp? I am too. My TARP is much bigger, however, and billions of dollars more expensive."

Fake BoA posts on Google Plus

The shenanigans appear to have started on November 8th, right after Google launched the official service for businesses to use the social network.

We have not seen a lot of abuse on the Google Plus service to date, but I am sure this incident is just the tip of the iceberg.

Google may have a real names only policy, but apparently their verification process leaves something to be desired.

Creative Commons photo of Bank of Foreclosed courtesy of scad_lo's Flickr photostream.

BoA verified accountUpdate: Google have removed the bogus page and handed it over to Bank of America. They have also included a "verified" check mark similar to what Twitter uses.

Strangely not all business pages have this verified mark, including BoA's competitor Citibank USA.

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19 Responses to Bogus Bank of America Google Plus page attacks their reputation

  1. Robert Went · 1425 days ago

    I made a page for a company, I don't remember any verification. The worst thing was that I can't add any new admins, so now I have to make all changes until they bring in multiple admins.

  2. xReaLesTx · 1424 days ago

    Its funny in a sick kinda way....I laughed when I read it,but then realized they could have been real comments,cause it's basically true...

  3. Fillup · 1424 days ago

    Where is MY bailout?

    • steen · 1424 days ago

      That's right. Wouldn't our economy be stronger if we allowed "economic natural selection" to take it's natural course. BoA is one institution that needs to go.

      • Babu · 1388 days ago

        I may be misunderstanding it, but I thought that's what Capitalism was...

        Oh wait...that's right...USA's Capitalism is all about establishing a foothold in government and using that to protect your company's interests.

  4. thomas One · 1424 days ago

    There is serious liability associated with these pranks- I for one have invested in its stock and preferreds and have no choice but to wish them well.

    As a shareholder I would like to have a greaters say relative to my equity stake and that is where the real reform is needed. Its really only the shareholders got screwed.

    All the gov. needs to do is that for above norm compensation that an approval vote of shareholders is required and that the shareholder has a right to a standard no vote to compensation over a certain limit, in advnace and in perpuity. If you dont vote you are handing over your vote priviledge to your broker (in my case Merrill Lynch ) who will use your vote to barter for something else , like a vote for their own compensation. POWER back to shareholders where it belongs- not to OWS or other groups such as unions , where it belongs.

    • Guest · 1424 days ago

      Your broker for BoA stock is Merill Lynch? That's a scary conflict of interest, considering Merill Lynch is BoA.

  5. yoda · 1424 days ago

    Perhaps the next Next Big Thing in social media should have a "sorry, no corporations, biological persons only" rule? Or would the Roberts court call that discrimination?

  6. Paul Wilson · 1424 days ago

    The debit card fracas may have been over, BUT the damage was done by the announcement that BoA is closing their conveniently located Wash.Ave. branch, and keeping open the other, punk branch. It should be the other way around. Parking facilities are excellent at the Wash.Ave. branch, BUT are minimal at the other. Also there is too much traffic on the road nearby and I'd have to parkl across the street and race across it.
    I'll phase it out.

  7. Jeanne · 1424 days ago

    The truth is the "truth". Pictures say it all.... only thing wrong with all of this is..... Bank of America could care less. Maybe they should realize the American people are becoming fed up with them. How many closed their accounts and more will follow. Sooner or later maybe they will finally realize that the little guys (the 99%) can put a dent in their pocket. It may not be immediately but it will happen..."Thanks to the protesters that are out there for all of the 99%". Bring it on and keep up the great will power. How long did the people protest before, finally, the Vietnam war ended. It can be done again.

    • Babu · 1388 days ago

      BoA doesn't have to worry about the people being fed up with them. The government clearly has all big banks' backs. I'm still trying to figure out what the point of competitive business is when the government shoves money in the direction of the top dogs while sitting on top of the 99%

  8. HuskerDave · 1424 days ago

    Now BOA needs to sue these morons for copyright infringement, FCC violations, and libel. There are supposed to be consequences for such childish vandalism.

    • moldylumps · 1424 days ago

      Its a parode. not libel. plus it is all true. no lawsuit needed.

  9. suesan · 1424 days ago

    this is great...just adds humour to an otherwise disgusting establishment...boa sucks...

  10. hlazarecki · 1424 days ago

    I love it!!!!!

  11. rightjustone · 1424 days ago

    How can that bank call it self bank of America?it's anything but.Misleading and nothing but a bunch of money grubbing forieners,Ive banked there what a joke they could care less about there custermers.they $5 dollar card fee for exsamble shows there true colors.

  12. Brenda Harris · 1424 days ago

    I think that it is funny that someone acctually posts something that is probaly totally true about bank of america. They are not trying to help anyone just taking more away. They did not deserve to get any bailout money and should of been allowed to jus sink

  13. Naga · 1424 days ago

    its funny to see how truth shows up with audacity here and there and pokes fun at the sickening lies, blatant cover-ups, corporate bullyism and pervasive media manipulation that try to impose the order of the day.

  14. Robbie Taylor · 1424 days ago

    This was hilarious for me! I was an employee for Bank of America for several years. I was mistreated, abused, used, underpaid, and discriminated against and much more by management. Each time I threatened a law suit, they would treat me like a human being for at least a week, then soon after the abuse would continue. I know a lot more about Bank of America that is even more unbecoming of such a "prestigious company". They are the representation of fraud and everything that is unjust. They prey on the poor. I only worked in their reclamations dept, but was very aware of what was going on with in the BofA walls and all about their "whatever it took to be on top (make the most $$)" scams.

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