Anatomy of an Attack comes to Melbourne, Australia

Are you sceptical of “technical” and “educational” sessions promised by software vendors? You should be. They’re often run by sales guys. No disrespect intended, but technical sessions should be led by technical people, don’t you think?

Sophos’s Anatomy of an Attack seminars are different.

They’re not about products; they’re about the threat.

They’re not about showing off Sophos’s technology; they’re about teaching you to think like the Bad Guys.

The Australian Anatomy of an Attack series is an extensive live demonstration, led by well-known and experienced Sophos researcher and presenter Paul Ducklin.

The Anatomy of an Attack is followed by luncheon and an optional demo and Q&A session with Sophos product specialist Aaron Bugal. (Aaron’s a techie, too, not a sales guy 🙂

You will actually see – live, but off-line and in safety – how a range of cybercriminal technologies work:

* Ransomware
* Advanced Persistent Threats
* Search engine poisoning
* Command injection
* Advanced JavaScript trickery
* Fake anti-virus, aka Scareware

Know how your enemy thinks and operates and you will be much better placed to defend both yourself and others.

The next Anatomy of an Attack session in Australia takes place in Melbourne, Victoria, on Tuesday 22 November 2011. It runs from 09:00 to 13:30, includes morning tea and luncheon, and it’s free.

The venue is the City Convention Centre, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne 3000.

We’d love to have you along, but places are strictly limited so you must register if you want to come.

(Don’t worry if you register too late to get into this one – we’ll put you first on the list for next time!)

This event is eye-opening, entertaining and educational – and we promise not to subject you to any Death By Powerpoint.

If you’re not from Melbourne but would like to get a feel for what the sessions are about, please check out our Anatomy of an Attack videos online.