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7 Responses to Phishing scam threatens to delete Facebook accounts in 24 hours

  1. Richard · 1419 days ago

    "Social media venues would not request financial information ..."

    But they're not above demanding copies of your passport or drivers licence to prove you haven't given them a false name:

  2. GoBleep · 1419 days ago

    LOL I HAVE sent them to a bogus email that WORKS, LOL and gave them the info to a profile in that email that tells them to go "bleep" themselves LOL (thats the profilers name - GoBleep Yourself) ... LOL believe me it's funny as heck when I get mail back in there that says HUH? LOL

  3. Andrew · 1419 days ago

    "Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users."

    The phishermen are at least letting facebook users know that the policies of facebook are annoying and insulting to users.

  4. Robert Gracie · 1418 days ago

    I have seen this all before guess where it lands up in my inbox....SPAM folder cause I just know its fake because facebook wouldnt send you an email telling you they have disabled your account I know some RPers that this has happened to and they have said to me that there has been no email sent to them before their account was terminated

    • Alexandra Miscevich · 1412 days ago

      Is there anyone on here who can help me because THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME! I have NOT stupidly shared personal information like that, but I had a guy who was on my friends list (who was obviously phished before I was) ask me if I could help him with survey questions for a class.

      Being nice, I helped and answered some questions like "what is your favorite musicians last name" or "Who are your top three favorite musicians". None of these are answers to my security questions but it WAS for an old email of mine. The old email that I had hooked up to my FB profile when I created it years ago. Apparently even though I changed my email that is associated with my page like 2 years ago, FB was still sending notifications to the old email as well.

  5. Luz M Rahla · 1401 days ago

    I just got it too, did send my info but nor my CC number, now what? Do I changed my password?

  6. Julia Mercer · 22 days ago

    They are hitting the Caesars Windsor visitor posts, now they are sneaking under Recovery Message with the same BS, I have been reporting all of them, but they shouldn't be on there in the first place!

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