Cyber Monday spam hits email inboxes

MondayIt’s Cyber Monday – the first Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, and traditionally a time when consumers spend oodles of cash purchasing goods online.

Of course, if you’re working in an office today you might want to make sure you don’t over indulge too much on consumerism – not just because it may be bad for your wallet, but also because the-powers-that-be at your firm may take a dim view of you spending hours seeking out online bargains.

And, of course, spammers are inevitably using “Cyber Monday” as a hook to hang their email marketing campaigns around, claiming to offer massive discounts on online purchases:

Examples of Cyber Monday spam

Remember this: the more people who buy goods marketed via spam, the more that the spammers are being encouraged to send junk email.

If no-one purchased the products (a vain dream, I know..) then the spammers would disappear. It’s time to boycott the companies who use spam to sell their goods. If you receive an unsolicited commercial email don’t try, don’t buy, don’t reply.

And if you haven’t already done so, isn’t it time to take the Sophos spam pledge?

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