90-second security survey: take part and win a Christmas goodie bag from Sophos

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win a goodie bagThe introduction of social networks and smartphones has certainly given everyone new freedom on how we work and interact.

Sadly, it's also given new opportunities to hackers, malware authors and scammers to steal your information and infect your devices.

We want to know what you think about this, so we slapped together our 90-second security survey. It wont take long to complete (did we say it only takes 90 seconds?).

And to thank you for your efforts, we've put together five festive goodie bags.

The survey closes at midnight on Thursday December 15. And if you're one of the lucky winners you'll get an email on the 16th December.

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey.

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9 Responses to 90-second security survey: take part and win a Christmas goodie bag from Sophos

  1. I wish I had the ability to qualify, if not quantify, some of my selections. Interested to see what data come out of the survey

  2. G Bladen · 1406 days ago

    Shame you can only answer the survey if you are employed (discriminates against the self employed, unemployed, retired and students).

    • Paul Ducklin · 1406 days ago

      You are most welcome to answer the survey regardless of the nature of your employment, if any.

      When the question asks "blah blah blah at or for work," just answer based on what you consider "work", or put "no/never".

      Easy :-)

      • Jean · 1404 days ago

        That's what I did, being retired from paid employment.

        I think Sophos does a good job by the way, for which many thanks, though I also think far too many people just don't think security!

  3. dan · 1406 days ago

    I don't really consider any social network to be secure

  4. Jason · 1404 days ago

    @Dan - Unfortunately, I could only agree with you once.
    It is the responsibility of a person doing "_______" to understand the risks assciated with doing "_____".

  5. Dan · 1404 days ago

    First you warn us against taking online surveys then you post one yourselves. How can I be sure this is not a scam by a hacker with a sense of humor?

  6. ad&d · 1403 days ago

    How often do you check Facebook at work?
    * More than once an hour
    * Once an hour
    * Once a day
    * Less than once a day
    * Never

    Off to a poor start. None of these apply to me. It's a big leap from 'once an hour' to 'once a day' when '2-3 times a day' would be the best answer.

    And, yes, I allow myself to use my work/personal laptop for personal use during work - a privilege of a self-employed person working from my home office. i guess people stuck in offices think everyone at work is stuck in an office. They live in a truly small world.

  7. Internaut · 1253 days ago

    So - who won?

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Anna Brading is Naked Security's editor. She has worked in tech for more than ten years and as a writer with Sophos for over five. She's interested in social media, privacy and keeping people safe online.