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Data leaks at Stratfor and Care2 mark the end of a year riddled with data theft


As 2011 comes to a close it is clear there is much to be done to better secure our information in the "cloud". I look back at the major data loss incidents of the year and speculate this isn't the last we will see of our information being p0wned.

Most Wi-Fi routers susceptible to hacking through security feature


Researchers have published a paper showing how a feature implemented in modern Wi-Fi routers intended to make securing them easier, in fact makes them insecure by default.

Samoa moves to the other side of the world - and misses a day!


At midnight tonight, Samoa will switch from UTC-12 to UTC+12, jumping from one side of the world to the other.

So there will be no Friday 30 December 2011 in Samoa. How funky is that?

HMRC phishing scam promises end of year refund


It is the season once again for phishers to try and lure in their victims with bogus tax rebates, income tax mistakes and other nonsense. Read on for the latest tax related scam targeting citizens of the United Kingdom.

Large percentage of websites vulnerable to HashDoS denial of service attack


Researchers in Germany have disclosed a vulnerability in most web programming languages that allows for a denial of service attack to be successful with very little resource and against the vast majority of websites

Try the #sophoscrossword this New Year's Eve!


Are you working over New Year, like Sophos Support and SophosLabs?

If so, here's a bit of fun - official, educational fun! - to tide you over: a crossword puzzle with an IT theme.

Stop press:number of prizes now boosted to 30.

VIDEO: How to solve the #dragontattoo #sophospuzzle


By popular request, here is a video explaining how to solve the Dragon Tattoo-themed puzzle we published earlier this week...

Naked Security wishes you great holidays

mouse with wreath

We're winding down a little for the Christmas break so you might find us a bit quieter than usual.

See you back here in 2012!

SSCC 78 - IE 9 upgrades, Android malware, Carrier IQ and hospital shut down from malware

Chet Chat logo with wreath

Gary Korhonen joins Chet for this week's podcast discussing the automatic upgrade of Internet Explorer, Android Market malware, Carrier IQ and an infection that shut down a hospital in Georgia.

Lax security blamed for 100,000+ sensitive files found on Manning's PC

Manning leaving courtroom

The fourth pretrial hearing for Army Pfc. Bradley Manningday put the spotlight on more than 100,000 sensitive documents and conversation logs between Manning and a former hacker. This case raises the question of how organisations can contain the considerable risk presented by rogue employees?

Try the #dragontattoo #sophospuzzle and win a Lego Mindstorm!


We're running a two-stage Christmas puzzle with a Dragon Tattoo flavour.

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and you could win one of three Lego Mindstorms!

Pregnant Kate Middleton doll leads to malware infection for AOL users

Pregnant Kate Middleton doll leads to malware infection for AOL users

Take care if you visit the main page of AOL UK today - a story about Kate Middleton being pregnant (or rather a doll of a pregnant Duchess of Cambridge) has a nasty sting in its tail.

Tesco warns customers of £250 gift voucher Facebook event scam

2,239 user passwords leaked online

Supermarket chain Tesco has warned its customers about a scam that has spread on Facebook, claiming that attending an event on the social network can will earn them a free £250 gift voucher.

Lady Gaga's Facebook page hit by iPad scam

Lady Gaga's Facebook page hit by iPad scam

A scam claiming to offer free iPads has appeared on the Facebook page of pop phenomenon Lady Gaga.

With over 45 million fans on Facebook, the scammers must have been rubbing their hands in glee - imagining just how many people might click on the link without thinking.

Visa looks into Eastern European security breach

Snowden outs “Follow The Money” international banking spies

Romanian state-owned CEC Bank has blocked and reissued 17,000 credit cards on suspicion that they had been compromised, and a security blogger warns of loopholes in the security of "Verified by Visa"

'We could hack the Queen's medical records if we wanted'

How widespread was computer hacking by the press?

The BBC claims that computer hackers were hired by private investigators to spy on politicians and the military.

And who benefited from the hacking? The British press.

Researchers: Google gamed browser report that dissed Firefox

Red panda (Ailurus fulgens)

It turns out that the Google sponsored study that painted Firefox in a poor light might have been influenced by the sponsor.

Internet Explorer to upgrade automatically, unless you say no

Internet Explorer to upgrade automatically, unless you say no

Microsoft is beginning to automatically upgrade users to Internet Explorer 9 as part of their effort to eradicate versions of their old and vulnerable browsers.

Facebook gives security and privacy whistleblowers a red card

Facebook gives security and privacy whistleblowers a red card

In a bizarre move by Facebook, a blog which has highlighted security and privacy issues on the social network has found itself banned, preventing the spread of news, opinion and advice.

Ellen DeGeneres fans targeted in bizarre Facebook scam

Ellen DeGeneres fans targeted in Facebook scam

Facebook fans of American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres have been targeted by a scammer posing as her manager, offering the chance to appear on the top-rated TV show.