FTC issues rebates to victims of fake anti-virus scam

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FTC logoThe US Federal Trade Commission announced some good news for victims of fake anti-virus purveyor Innovative Marketing.

Initial legal actions against Innovative Marketing began approximately three years ago when the FTC ordered them to halt operations related to their activity selling fake security products.

The FTC reached a settlement with two of the defendants, Mark and Maurice D'Souza, in January 2011 for a payment of $8,272,962 and other conditions to monitor their future activities.

So this $8 million goes towards the budget crisis, right? Nope! In a shocking move the FTC will be sending out rebate checks to the 320,000 known victims.

Victims will receive varying amounts depending on how much they were scammed out of. The average should be around $20, far less than was stolen, but still a positive result.

If you are one of the people to receive a check as part of the settlement, don't waste too much time before taking it to the bank. The FTC says the checks will expire in just 60 days.

Unfortunately the millions of other victims who happened to have had their money stolen by a different criminal group are not so lucky. As with most crimes their money is no where to be found.

Let's hope that this is the start of a trend and not a blip on the radar.

Millions of consumers are being bilked of their hard earned cash through fake anti-virus, banking Trojans, premium-rate SMS scams and plain old Canadian pill pushers while all the attention goes to shadowy RATs and Stuxnet.

First the AT&T/T-Mobile USA merger, then Facebook's shameful privacy promises and now rogue security vendors! Great showing FTC, keep up the good work.

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One Response to FTC issues rebates to victims of fake anti-virus scam

  1. Michael Gronemeyer · 1356 days ago

    The Federal Trade Commission has done a remarkable job keeping everything from getting out of hand! I start with the AT&T/T-Mobile merger that was stopped dead in it's tracks! Had it went through, AT&T would've had a total monopoly on the GSM platform in the U.S., thus driving the prices higher on their phone service! Personally, I'm glad the FTC had the good sense to stop the merger from happening! Then the FTC investigated Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Privacy policy, and they were not pleased, to say the very least! What I think is really amazing, is the fact that they're actually forcing these rogue anti-virus scammers to reimburse the many people whom thefy deliberately swindled out of their hard earned money! Kudos, to the Federal Trade Commission! Awesome Job!

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