Naked Security wishes you great holidays

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Christmas mouse - 170We are slowly winding down for the Christmas break, and we wanted to thank you, our lovely readers and commentators, for all your help throughout the year.

To all of you who spotted inconsistencies or typos, offered us your point of view, recommended us to friends and colleagues, and generally helped us on our way, we tip our snow-flecked Santa hats to you.

Since our launch last November, we've aimed to give our readers the latest security news peppered with a little advice, research and opinion.

But this all takes a tremendous amount of work, and a few of our writers will be going on a well deserved holiday. And that is why you might notice a little less content than usual over the coming holiday.

But we promise we will jump back into our writing seats in January.

See you back here in 2012!

Oh, and if you fancy something topical to read over the break - be sure to check out our short history of Christmas malware.

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3 Responses to Naked Security wishes you great holidays

  1. Dennis Monroe · 1391 days ago

    It would have been a lot nicer if you had said "Merry Christmas" instead of "great holidays." I am really tired of hearing happy holidays, seasons greetings and whatever else leaves Christ out of Christmas. The word is Christmas, not happymas.

    • Nigel · 1391 days ago

      I have no "Christ" axe to grind. I'm not a religious man, and I definitely do not identify myself as a “Christian”…although, it’s not because I have any objection to the teachings of Yeshua ben Yusef (aka "Jesus Christ"), which teachings seem pretty much spot on to me. Actually, the reason I don't identify myself as a "Christian" is that I don't want to be associated with those who CALL themselves Christians but don't LIVE like Christians.

      Anyhow, I'm probably just as fed up as you are with this "Happy Holidays" stuff. In fact, I’ve become so irritated with it that this year I deliberately decided to say "Merry Christmas" to others whom I greet when I'm out and about. If they’ve made the choice to be offended rather than to accept the greeting in the spirit in which it’s offered, they’re free to make that choice.

      But I think it's a bit different for NakedSecurity. This newsletter goes to people all over the world, and Christmas isn’t a universal holiday everywhere on planet Earth. I think it’s appropriate to be mindful of other people's sensibilities.

  2. Jeff Clayton · 1391 days ago

    Personally, pleased to see Sophos is aware that there's more than one important holiday celebrated at this time of year.

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