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Controversial SOPA bill gets more heat from internet giants YouTube, Google and Wikipedia

say no to SOPA bill

Today is the day that the US's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill is scheduled to be voted on. And unsurprisingly, the who's who of Silicon Valley are not happy. Several web gurus have banded together to voice their dislike of the bill in an open letter.

Beware Nanny / Au Pair scams spread via spam email

Beware Nanny / Au Pair scams spread via spam email

Graham Cluley announces he is leaving Sophos to become a full-time nanny to a rich family in London.

At least, that's his plan after he received a job offer via email. Do you think things will work out for him?

Google and EFF propose improvements to HTTPS as GlobalSign releases CA breach report

GlobalSign gives itself clean bill of health after Iranian hacker's braggadocio

GlobalSign released their report on security incident the certificate authority suffered earlier this year. They're clean, but that doesn't take the spotlight off of the need for a fix to the SSL certificate trust system that is in place.

How to stay safe when traveling for the holidays


Whether you approach the holiday travel season with dread or excitement chances are you will be carrying one or more mobile devices and looking for those last minute travel bargains. Naked Security's Lisa Vaas provides her advice on what to watch out for this year.

Typosquatting - study reveals the real risks when you mistype a website's name [VIDEO]

Typosquatting - study reveals the real risks when you mistype a website's name [VIDEO]

Security expert Paul Ducklin has taken an indepth look at the scale and the risk of the typosquatting industry: registering misspellings of popular website domain names in an attempt to profit from typing mistakes.

Hacker who bypassed Facebook security pleads guilty


A British student has pleaded guilty to charges that he breached security at Facebook earlier his year, despite arguing that his intentions were not malicious.

KISS's Gene Simmons website DDoS attack: Suspected Anonymous hacker charged

Suspected hacker held over attack on Kiss frontman's website

When the website of rock star Gene Simmons fell victim to a denial-of-service attack, the legendary KISS front man vowed revenge.

Now the FBI has arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with the attack.

Telstra Bigpond users targeted in post-data-breach phishing campaign


A phishing campaign targeting users of Telstra Bigpond, Australia's largest ISP, is urging users to confirm their billing information or risk suspension.

All pretty run-of-the-mill, but neatly timed given that Telstra suffered a data breach of customer information last Friday.

Windows Phone 7.5 susceptible to SMS hack


A researcher has discovered a flaw in Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" that can crash the message center by simply receiving a malformed SMS, Tweet or Facebook message.

Malware shuts down hospital near Atlanta, Georgia


A hospital near Atlanta, Georgia last week had to stop accepting all non-trauma patients after a malware infection shutdown their network. Is their IT poorly managed, or does this represent more serious problems in the medical space?

Patch Tuesday analysis for December 2011


As always on the second Tuesday of the month Microsoft and Adobe release their monthly security bulletins. This month Microsoft has released 13 bulletins, although they had originally announced there would be 14 this month. In the final stages of Read more…

How young is too young for Facebook and Gmail?

How young is too young for Facebook and Gmail?

Should there be a minimum age before you can use social networks or have a web email account?

Under Google and Facebook's terms of services, you have to be at least 13 years old. However, plenty of even younger girls and boys are probably using the systems - with or without the knowledge of their parents.

Free Costco Gift Card for all Facebook users? Scam spreads quickly

Free Costco Gift Card for all Facebook users? Scam spreads quickly

It would cost Costco $80 billion to give everyone on Facebook a $100 gift card. Do you still think the link can be trusted, or have you twigged that it's just another Facebook survey scam?

Microsoft offers free Windows phones to Android malware victims

Microsoft offers free Windows phones to Android malware victims

Free Windows phones are being offered by Microsoft to users who describe their Android malware problems.

Google-funded study finds Firefox least secure browser, Chrome the best


A new study has tossed the big browsers into the security mosh pit and decreed that Google's Chrome comes in first, ahead of Internet Explorer and Firefox. But when it comes to the top three, is security more about your browser being up to date and properly configured than its brand?

Fake news of Hugo Chavez's death leads to malware

Fake news of Hugo Chavez's death leads to malware

Internet users in Latin America were the intended victims of a malware campaign, when an email was spammed out claiming to contain breaking news of the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

FBI acknowledges more SCADA attacks, increases cyber budget


The FBI acknowledged hackers have penetrated at least 3 US cities SCADA systems, one of them "major". The FBI is receiving a 12% budget increase for Cyber, but claims the division will double in size this year.

FTC issues rebates to victims of fake anti-virus scam

FTC files complaint against Wyndham Hotels for not protecting sensitive customer information

The FTC has reached a settlement with fake anti-virus sellers Innovative Marketing for $8.2 million. The FTC will begin sending rebate checks to more than 320,000 victims.

Malicious cloned games attack Google Android Market

Android market

A malicious developer has created copies of the most popular games on Google's Android Market and added code to send SMS messages to premium line numbers. The Android Market security team pulled the malicious apps from the market, but how many people do you think got stung before they were removed?

Four Romanians charged with multimillion-dollar hack of Subway, others

Free Subway gift card spam spreading on Facebook

The US Department of Justice has indicted and arrested four Romanians for credit card fraud perpetrated against Subway restaurants and other retailers concluding a three year investigation. Looks like default/easily cracked passwords enabled another needless theft.