Monthly Archives: December 2011

Targeted emails exploit new Acrobat Reader vulnerability

Target was warned of payment system vulnerabilities before data breach

Attackers are taking advantage of the latest zero-day vulnerability in Adobe's Reader software sending malicious attachments to specific targets. Adobe promises a fix is coming by the week of December 12 at the latest and Reader X users are protected already.

Sorry, that free $200 JB Hi Fi Voucher is just a Facebook scam

Sorry, that free $200 JB Hi Fi Voucher is just a Facebook scam

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it seems Facebook scammers are eager to take advantage of users desperate for a bargain.

Identify your missing security patches this Christmas


New vulnerabilities are being discovered all the time, and attackers are still exploiting old ones. But how do you deal with the vulnerabilities? Patch them of course.

Six people arrested in million pound student loan phishing scam


Police arrest four men and two women in connection with a scheme that stole over a million pounds from British students.

Verizon blocks Google Wallet over security concerns


Verizon and Google are sparring over who will control mobile phone payment systems, but consumers seem to be left without choice in the United States.

Facial recognition comes to Google+, but unlike Facebook it's opt-in


Google is rolling out a new feature for Google Plus users that uses facial recognition to help tag photos. Will Google's opt-in policy ease privacy concerns?

Second Dutch security firm hacked, unsecured phpMyAdmin implicated


Dutch security firm Gemnet has suffered a data breach including administrative credentials. Parent company KPN has suspended sister company Gemnet CSP's certificate signing operations.

Is Yahoo's $610 million anti-spam win meaningless?

Yahoo! logo

US courts find in favour of Yahoo in a recent spam case, awarding the company a gob-smacking $610 Million. While this figure makes a great headline for the fight against fraud and spam, it begs the question, will Yahoo! ever actually see any of the cash?

Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan? It's a Facebook scam

Justin Bieber. Image courtesy of Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.

Facebook scammers are claiming that Justin Bieber has been stabbed in an attempt to trick concerned fans into clicking on a link which will earn them money.

Was UK's 2018 FIFA World Cup bid hacked by Russia? FBI investigates

FIFA World Cup hacking probe

The FBI is investigating claims that the USA and English bids to host the 2018 soccer World Cup competition had their email accounts targeted by hackers.

The successful Russian bid has denied that it participated in any dirty tricks.

Election-day cyber attack scandal rocks South Korea's ruling party

Election-day cyber attack scandal rocks South Korea's ruling party

Did governing politicians in South Korea approve an election-day cyber attack?

Three of South Korea's top seven leaders quit their posts over DDoS scandal.

Adobe InDesign License Key malware attack spammed out


Criminal hackers have spammed out emails which pretend to contain a license key for the desktop publishing program Adobe InDesign.

Facebook fixes flaw that allowed access to private photos

Facebook fixes flaw that allowed access to private photos

In the end, it took a picture of Mark Zuckerberg holding a dead chicken to get Facebook to fix a flaw that allowed strangers to access your private photos.

The company's motto of "Move fast and break things" is to blame for this latest privacy SNAFU.

Lost USB keys have 66% chance of malware

Lost USB keys have 66% chance of malware

We bought a stash of USB keys at a major transit authority's Lost Property auction, and took a look at the sort of information people leave on the train.

Two-thirds of the keys were infected with malware, and nothing on any of the keys was encrypted...

XXX porn web domain names now up for grabs

Women more in favour of porn filters than men

Pornography domain names ending in .xxx are now up for general sale, with 100,000 having already been snatched up in a previous, restricted sale.

All registered .xxx sites will be scanned for malware daily, but don't trust that to replace up-to-date anti-virus software.

Beware Adobe Software Upgrade Notification - malware attached!

Beware Adobe Software Upgrade Notification - malware attached!

Cybercriminals have widely spammed out a malware attack posing as upgrades for Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe X Suite Advanced.

VIDEO: Awkward! Facebook VP stumped by BBC question


Elliot Schrage, Facebook's VP Public Policy, was struck dumb by BBC reporter Emily Maitlis when she quizzed him about the ethics of "Sponsored Stories" on Facebook in a television documentary shown this weekend in the UK.

Popular network tool Nmap in CNET security brouhaha


CNET offers a download of the free Nmap software, but not from Nmap's own site. Instead, CNET has wrapped the Nmap installer with a program of its own. On your way to Nmap, you're pushily offered a toolbar first.

Find out why this sort of thing is a Bad Idea.

Condom ad poses as Facebook friend request from your fetus


A condom company is sending friend requests from unborn sons to male users on Facebook. Do you feel it's harmless advertising or a step too far (and a breach of Facebook's terms and conditions)?

Facebook chat worm continues to spread

Facebook chat worm continues to spread

A Facebook worm is spreading via the site's chat system, infecting victims' computers with malware.