All the #sophoscrossword winners for 2011/2012

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Forty-seven of you submitted correct answers to the 2011/2012 #sophoscrossword before the deadline.

Only the first thirty won prizes. By country, the medal count is as shown. (Ties were resolved by taking the time of the country's first winning entry.)

6 Australia
5 United Kingdom
4 United States
2 Germany
2 Canada
2 India
2 New Zealand
1 Slovenia
1 Netherlands
1 Singapore
1 Ireland
1 Denmark
1 Austria
1 France

By name, and in order, the winners are: Ian Collier from Oxford; Colin M from East Yorkshire; @phihag from Düsseldorf; Chris King from Cardiff; Adam Jenkins from Canberra; @philkernick from Adelaide; @dcerar from Slovenia; Jorrit Kronjee from Rotterdam; @ezs from Seattle WA; Ari R from San Francisco CA; MDB from Brisbane QLD; Mike Fuller from Wollongong; Luke Flemming from Canberra; @RealBelahzur from a secret location; Ad from Ontario; Samir Girdhar from Toronto; Swapna Kolimi from Huntsville AL; @tokyc from Singapore; Johny Kolimi from Hyderabad; James Beckett from County Kildare; @svindlerdk from Birkerrød; Matt Fray from Cardiff; Ange from Baden-Württemberg; QC from Purkersdorf; Thomas Duboucher from Rueil-Malmaison; @cryuji from Christchurch NZ; Tania H from Lenexa KS; Nyel from Christchurch NZ; Tisha from Manipal; and Tom A from Sydney.

Well done to all of you.

We'll be contacting you in due course to arrange to ship your T-shirt prizes.

If you still want to finish the puzzle but would like some hints, take a look at the image on the right, which has all the vowels filled in.

If you want to see the solution, click on the image and all will be revealed.

Thanks to everyone who gave it a go!


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3 Responses to All the #sophoscrossword winners for 2011/2012

  1. Richard Hodgson · 1370 days ago

    Bloody Australians just inching ahead of us again :-)

  2. Happy to see that the number of winners were extended to thirty, as I was number twentyone :-)

  3. Paul Ducklin · 1366 days ago

    By popular demand, the twelve people who came in positions 31-42, whose handles I requested via email, are listed below :-)

    Jason H (Sydney, Australia), Richard Hodgson (Cambridge, UK), J Levin (Arizona, US), Malcolm D (UK), Rainer Kleinrensing (Leipzig, Germany), Isla Thomas (Sydney, Australia), Daniel L (Buffalo, NY, US), Rukshan Ranatunge (Colombo, Sri Lanka), Mailan Pham (San Francisco, CA, US), Prashant Verma (Mumbai, India), @the_mjschultz (St. Louis, MI, US), Philip Hannay (Chester, UK).

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