Chuck Norris is NOT dead - beware the Facebook scam!

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Chuck NorrisMessages have been spread on Facebook claiming to link to a video news report of the death of awesome martial arts film star Chuck Norris.

A typical message about the alleged death of the "world's greatest human" and star of such movie highlights as "Karate Kommandos", "Delta Force", "Forced Vengeance", "Return of the Dragon", "Invasion U.S.A", "Missing in Action", and "Missing in Action 2: The Beginning" reads as follows:

Chuck Norris dies at age 71! Not a Joke.
See the video to find out how he died. News today of Chuck Norris death at age 71 has been met with confusion and humour, but sadly it is true.

Facebook survey scam

But Chuck Norris isn't dead, and the messages point to an all-too-familiar survey scam.

Facebook survey scam

Whoever is behind the erroneous messages about Chuck Norris's death seems to want you to complete one of these surveys. Probably because it will earn them some affiliate cash the more traffic they bring to the webpages.

In my case, I was taken to a website claiming to offer a free £100 Starbucks card. (I don't drink coffee, so I wasn't tempted to hand over my personal contact information and date of birth).

Facebook survey scam

If you're one of the many people who fell for this or similar scams, please check your Facebook page to ensure that you are not spreading any messages to your online friends and ensure that you have revoked any Facebook applications, events and "like"d pages that you are uncomfortable with.

In addition, if you believe someone else may have accessed your Facebook account, be sure to change your password.

If you use Facebook and want to get an early warning about the latest attacks, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 150,000 people.

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8 Responses to Chuck Norris is NOT dead - beware the Facebook scam!

  1. Adam G Notts UK · 1318 days ago

    Chuck Norris can not die! Only Chuck Norris can kill Chuck Norris but Chcuk Norris wont fight Chuck Norris because Chuck Norris is scared of Chuck Norris's Power!!

    • Exactly, what a stupid scam. Everyone knows Chuck Norris is invincible, death himself wouldnt dare knock on his door.

    • Anonymous · 656 days ago

      it made no sense but only chuck Norris can kill chuck norris

  2. Sizzle69 · 1317 days ago

    It was a bad case of chinese whispers.... Chuck Norris actually killed Death.

  3. roy jones jr · 1316 days ago

    Chuck Norris is Seal Team Six. Those silhouettes in that picture is just shadow clones that Chuck Norris made of himself.

  4. Robert Gracie · 1313 days ago

    Chuck Norris is an immortal being and not even death could kill off Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris is Death's Grim reaper and I suspect Chuck Norris is hunting down the scammers behind the post for his death and it will be execution by the world ending Roundhouse kick he will find them there is no safe place in this universe for them to hide...

  5. Anonymous · 199 days ago

    Chuck Norris livesss!!

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