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Microsoft's Kelihos botnet suspect used to work for computer security firm


Microsoft has alleged that a computer security firm's ex-employee is the mastermind behind the Kelihos botnet.

Is the AnonyUpload file-sharing website for real?

Is the AnonyUpload file-sharing website for real?

In a bizarre marketing move, AnonyUpload explains why it's rubbish and that it's not a replacement for MegaUpload.

SSCC 81 - NCSA and Data Privacy Day

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Chet sits down with Michael Kaiser, Executive Director at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to discuss Data Privacy Day. Michael explains the origin of Data Privacy Day, some of the activities related to it and how people can participate in raising awareness about privacy and data security.

File sharing sites snapping shut like scared clams in MegaUpload backwash

Transfer of documents. Forwarding files conceptual 3d illustration.

File sharing sites appear to be panicking in reaction the the FBI's shutdown of the MegaUpload file sharing site. Read on for what each of them are doing to come into line with U.S. law.

Fake Camera+ app hits the iPhone App Store

Fake Camera+ app

Be careful what applications you install on your computing devices - even if they come from Apple's iPhone/iPad App Store.

Free gift card promotion is a Facebook scam


Gift card scams are a common sight on Facebook, and this weekend it has been the turn of to be the brand used by cybercriminals as a way of making them cash.

DreamHost warns customers of possible password breach

DreamHost warns customers of possible password breach

A database server at DreamHost is illegally accessed by a hacker, and the passwords of some customers may have been compromised.

Megaupload takedown makes headlines and waves as Mr Dotcom applies for bail


The FBI's takedown of file sharing site Megaupload continues to make both headlines and waves.

Whether company founder Kim Dotcom turns out to be GUILTY or GOOD, he's certainly in a lot of trouble right now. So is anyone who entrusted any files of value to his online empire.

Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S finally fall to jailbreakers


Apple's most hacker-resistant hardware to date - the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, which are built around the Apple A5 chip - can now be jailbroken.

Should you rush to slither free of Apple's fiscal tentacles?

SSCC 80 - Mobile security podcast with Vanja Svajcer

Sophos Security Chet Chat

In this week's podcast, Vanja Svajcer joins Chet to talk about the mobile security landscape. Topics discussed include mobile malware, theft, application markets and advice on securing your smartphone.

Hacker exposes Grindr users' intimate information and explicit photos

Hacker exposes Grindr users' intimate chats and explicit photos

A popular smartphone app used by the gay community to hook-up with similarly-minded people in their vicinity suffers from a serious security vulnerability that could expose personal information and explicit photos that they have been sent.

Romanian NASA hacker gets suspended three-year sentence

Romanian NASA hacker gets suspended three-year sentence

A Romanian who admitted to hacking into NASA servers has received a three-year suspended prison sentence. Being tried in the US wouldn't have guaranteed jail time, so here's hoping the Obama administration wins in its pursuit of a mandatory three-year prison term for hacking critical infrastructure.

Hackers snatch $6.7m in South African cyber bank robbery

Hackers snatch $6.7m in South African cyber bank robbery

A mere three years after a South African bank spent $1.8 million on a new fraud-detection system, hackers managed to swindle $6.7 million out from under that system's nose. Although customer funds are thought to be safe, would you actually trust your money to an institution vulnerable to getting hacked so brutally?

Click on an Anonymous link, and you could be DDoS'ing the US government

FBI: Anonymous has been exploiting Adobe flaws in yearlong, ongoing assault on US gov't sites

Anonymous seems to want revenge after the arrest of Megaupload's founders on piracy charges.

Take care what links you click on, you could be launching a denial-of-service attack against the US government and entertainment industry.

Successful internet blackout, Zuck tweets, but has Don McLean been ripped off?

Internet blackout

As you can't have failed to have noticed, on Wednesday some of the world's most famous websites chose a variety of ways to protest against proposed anti-piracy legislation in the United States.

The extradition of TVShack's Richard O'Dywer: is it right?


With the another UK citizen facing extradition to the US, this time for copyright offences, should the UK really be doing more to rebalance the US-UK extradition process?

Koobface gang turns off command servers, as Russian police explain lack of action

Koobface gang turns off command servers, as Russian police explain lack of action

The publication of a detailed probe into the alleged members of the Koobface malware gang appears to have had an instant impact.

But there's no sign that the Russian authorities are planning to investigate the alleged gang anytime soon.

Alleged Russian cybercriminal extradited to the US

Alleged Russian cybercriminal extradited to the US

A suspected Russian cybercriminal arrived in Manhattan on Tuesday to face charges of security fraud, computer hacking and ID theft after being deported from Switzerland.

Symantec source code breach saga continues


The wrangle between Indian cybercrew The Lords of Dhamaraja and Symantec over a source code breach in 2006 continues.

Whatever happened, the fact remains: this was a cybercrime and the "hackers" are the crooks.

Has TechCrunch been hacked?

Has TechCrunch been hacked?

One of TechCrunch's web servers is serving up pages which definitely don't belong at TechCrunch!

But it may not be the result of malicious hacking..