Second passport for South Africans? It's spam of the day

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Here's a spam message I received today:

Spam message


Hi. Why the caps? And just "Graham" would be fine.

    Do you find ONLY having a South African passport limiting?

I don't have a South African passport, but I haven't found its absence very limiting.

    Do you find your travel choices abroad restricting and visa applications frustrating?

Not particularly.

    Do you have an exit strategy if South Africa becomes the next Zimbabwe?

An exit strategy from where? The UK? No, I haven't really thought about it.

    Do you feel like you are paying too much tax in South Africa?

Any tax I'm paying in South Africa is definitely too much.

When I clicked on the link I was taken to a page on a build-your-own-form website which insisted I hand over my full name, email address, cellphone number, age, family income, and location before it would share any more information.

Webpage form

I chose not to share any of my personal information - and not just because I'm not based in South Africa.

If these spammers want to get a higher return on their email campaign they might want to try targeting just South African internet users in future.

Be careful out there.

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3 Responses to Second passport for South Africans? It's spam of the day

  1. Robert Gracie · 1334 days ago

    That email is such a joke, it stinks of the Nigerian 419 scammer for sure its that stuff they are into and it made me laugh a little at it but well nice try and all but you have to do better than that

  2. Tracey · 1226 days ago

    Hi - I am a South African and well, a second passport would come in handy (but not because I think we are going to be the next Zimbabwe) and a lot od SA's would feel the same hense the avenue they have chosen but realise that this is span - mostly because its strange and I know better than to hand out any personal info - but can you tell me (out of interest) what whoever would gain from getting this info from me? Thanks

  3. george · 1182 days ago

    When I read the ad and it mentioned the following :
    "Do you have an exit strategy if South Africa becomes the next Zimbabwe?"
    I immediately saw a red flag. I mean honestly now, what homegrown legitimate south african company will promote their product by stating such unpatriotic crap? It goes against everything south africans stand for, even in these unsure times of change... this is the best country in the world as far as I am concerned. People are flocking here to set up their little nest eggs because it is still better than anywhere else on earth, in spite of the crime and the economy.

    don't fill out the form. rather stay in south africa.

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