SSCC 84 – Cookie-gate, laptop security advice, Stratfor malicious emails and Facebook hacker advice

Chet Chat logoThis week’s Chet Chat features Paul Ducklin in the Chet Chat studio in Vancouver. Paul was kind enough to stop off for a visit en route to the RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco.

Not only was Paul in studio, but he decided to pull a switch-a-roo and interview *me* about the week’s security news.

We started out discussing a topic that I have been quite passionate about, the “cookie-gate” incident involving Google and other advertising companies placing cookies on people’s computers who surf the web using Safari by exploiting a security flaw in Safari’s privacy settings.

We also talked a bit about the recent guidance issued to the US House Intelligence Committee on how to keep information secure when traveling abroad. While the advice given was specifically for members of the committee who are traveling to China and Russia, it is solid advice for travelers in both the public and private sector.

There were reports this week that people who had their email addresses disclosed in the Stratfor breach around the new year were sent emails containing malicious email attachments. Paul pointed out that this goes to show that no mater what type of data loss incident results in your private information being leaked, it always puts you at a greater risk of being compromised.

We also discussed the bizarre comment made by the judge who sentenced the supposedly ethical Facebook hacker in the UK earlier this week. Why hacking Facebook is somehow a greater crime than any breaking into any other server on the internet is beyond me.

(23 February 2012, duration 15:33 minutes, size 11.2 MBytes)

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