Oops! Selena and Bieber's hidden camera bedroom video Facebook scam

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Oops indeed. At least if you were one of the Facebook users who believed that a hidden camera video had leaked onto the net of Justin Bieber sharing some intimate moments with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Of course, Bieber's typical fans - or those who would delight in his public humiliation by a hungry paparazzi - are probably unlikely to think twice about clicking on a link shared with them by their Facebook friends, claiming to leak to a sex video.

00ps!!! There was a hidden camera in Selena & bieber's bedroom

00ps!!! There was a hidden camera in Selena & bieber's bedroom
WOW HaHa it's really so funny ~ Don't Miss it!

If you made the mistake of clicking on the link, you would be taken to a third-party website which urges you to share the video further, amongst your Facebook friends.

00ps!!! There was a hidden camera in Selena & bieber's bedroom Facebook scam

And if you made the mistake of sharing you'll then be presented with an all-too-familiar online survey. This is how the scammers make money, tricking you into driving traffic to online surveys that earn them commission. Using sex videos is not a new technique, and Justin Bieber has had his name used in vain by the scammers on several occasions.

If you were fooled into participating in this scam remove the message from your newsfeed, and delete any messages you may have inadvertently shared with your friends. That way at least you are no longer spreading it with your online chums. You can also report the link as spam - hopefully if enough people do it, Facebook will begin to stop the scam from spreading.

If you use Facebook and want to receive early warnings about the latest attacks, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 160,000 people.

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11 Responses to Oops! Selena and Bieber's hidden camera bedroom video Facebook scam

  1. kingtarquin · 1278 days ago

    This scam managed to get me (through curiosity of the scam itself), and it was a right dog to remove. The traditional way unliking doesn't work, even by using the gear menu on the post itself. I must have spent at least 20 minutes trying to figure out how to remove it.
    The only way I found that worked (on Timeline) was going to the activity log, and frantically trying to find a way to remove it. In the end, I had to select the rather inappropriately named circle "Allowed on Timeline", and selecting "Unlike" from this menu.

  2. Max · 1278 days ago

    The links sometimes lead users into downloading a special video codec to play the video. It's usually a trojan or a bot.

  3. deyan · 1278 days ago

    Obvious scam is obvious...

  4. kayla · 1277 days ago

    This is one way to get a vires or have your computer freeze on you. I would not click on this ever because they can get into your computer, and take your documents out. This is one way they make there money, Which i think is really worng because people like us out there have a job and not this gross video making a fack Justin Bieber and Selena having sex!. I'm am a very big Justin Bieber fan and there is NO way he would EVER do this.

  5. pepito · 1277 days ago

    this video doesn't exist! its only a rumor

  6. annon · 1277 days ago

    what was the video about?
    were they really having sex or was that a photoshoped pic

  7. grrr · 1267 days ago

    I was not happy finding the unblurred version of this photo in my 11 yo daughters newsfeed on FB.Isnt that illegal?

    • Eb123 · 1266 days ago

      Your 11 YO should not have a Facebook account. Starting age for a Facebook account is 13.

  8. sangtea · 1191 days ago

    u youngs should'nd have account

  9. ewwwwwwwwwww · 1189 days ago

    thats sick and 11 yr olds shouldnt have fb

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