Take on the RSA 2012 #sophospuzzle and win a NERF gun!

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At this year's RSA2012 conference, Sophos is giving away cool crypto-puzzle T-shirts. Meet us on Booth #1817 and claim yours!

You don't have to be at the show to take part in the puzzle. The text to use in solving the puzzle is shown below:


Solve this puzzle and you'll get a URL. Visit the URL and you'll face the second stage. Solve this and email the answer to Naked Security writer Paul Ducklin and get in the draw to win a NERF N-STRIKE Vulcan EBF-25.

Your answer must be received by 3pm San Francisco time on Thursday 01 March 2012. That's 2012-03-01T15:00-5.

If you're at RSA, you have three additional chances to win. Come to the Sophos booth at 2.10pm each day of the Expo (Tuesday 28 Feb to Thursday 01 March) wearing the puzzle shirt - we'll draw one winner each day from all those who are both eligible and present.

Yes, you must have solved the puzzle and emailed your answer to qualify, even if you're dutifully wearing the shirt.

As usual, if you get stuck with the puzzle, you can get tips and hints via #sophospuzzle on Twitter, or by emailing duck@sophos.com.

Have fun!

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3 Responses to Take on the RSA 2012 #sophospuzzle and win a NERF gun!

  1. 2012-03-01T15:00-08 perhaps?

  2. I am curious, what are the two RFC's?
    My idea was 13 or 10 or 1310 (from the CPP code), or RFC 1231 (MD5), or 3447 (RSA), but I no obtain the md5 showed in the puzzle page.
    I have also tried to iterate with a little program to find the right MD5 without finding nothins

    Now, contest is finished, is possible to know solution?

  3. ... any update on results of the challenge?

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