Google opens a pharmacy? It's spam of the day

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Is Google really extending its online empire, and opening an online pharmacy?

Of course not. So don't believe spammed-out emails like the following:

Google pharmacy spam

Do you notice how the spammers have changed the "o"s in Google to Cialis and Viagra tablets? Very creative.

Part of the spam message reads as follows:

We've just launched a pharmaceutical interfaces for Google, as well as several new features that will improve the Google experience for the people buying pills and using pharmaceutical interfaces.

We are really pleased to have worked on a launch that will help people use pharmacy and surgery.

We are currently working to make it available to even more users with more language interfaces.

Visit Google's Accredited Pharmacy

There are plenty of websites claiming to offer to sell you medications and drugs for knock-down prices. If you're too embarrassed to go to the doctor, or money is tight, you might be tempted to make a purchase from one of these online sites - but I would recommend that you be very careful.

The criminal gangs promoting and working behind the scenes at fake internet pharmacies are putting customers' health, personal information and credit card details at risk. They have no problem breaking the law to promote these websites, so you can be sure they'll have no qualms in exploiting your confidential data or selling you medications which may put your life in danger.

If you think you need medication contact your real doctor, and stay away from quacks on the internet.

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One Response to Google opens a pharmacy? It's spam of the day

  1. Freida Gray · 1266 days ago

    Personally, I don't happen to know of anybody who would get their surgery online.

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