HDMI cable protects your Xbox 360 from noisy viruses!

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Do you find that computer viruses are too noisy? Do they interfere with the quality of images when you're playing games on your Xbox 360?

Well, fear not!

It appears that the 3rd Earth Xbox 360 Elite HDMI Swivel Cable is just what you need!

Marketing blurb on back of Xbox 360 Elite HDMI Swivel Cable packaging

"100% Mylar" double shield 1.3c grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises and to obtain perfect image transmission.

Err.. right..

Computer viruses making too much noise has, of course, been a problem for over twenty years. Who can forget the old Anticad DOS virus which could play the "Blue Danube" through your PC speaker, or the W32/Music worm that spread in 2000 playing the first few bars of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"?

More recently there was something of an internet scare when ragtime jazz music began being played from many people's computers, making some believe they had become infected. Fortunately it just turned out to be a cack-handed promotion by Google.

If anyone has tried one of these cables we'd love to hear what your experience was. Did it really quieten your viruses?

Hat-tip: Reddit via Joe Wass.

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48 Responses to HDMI cable protects your Xbox 360 from noisy viruses!

  1. John · 1304 days ago

    Graham - any idea how you can do updates? Is it signature based or heuristic?

  2. Clim · 1304 days ago

    Perhaps, they consider biological viruses. Some antiseptic things or so ))

  3. Robert Gracie · 1304 days ago

    To quote James Bond from Goldfinger "You must be joking" a cable to protect against viruses cannot be true!

  4. Jim Goltz · 1304 days ago


    • Nigel · 1301 days ago

      "Quieten"...it's pretty much a Brit thing. But it makes sense. I kinda like it.

  5. Kyle · 1303 days ago

    Probably chinglish for electromagnetic noise.

  6. Pete Gibson · 1303 days ago

    But will it quieten the voices in my head???

  7. Shckwish · 1303 days ago

    Only XBOXs get viruses. Sony just gets hacked :D

  8. Mick · 1303 days ago

    Some marketing guy is reading this and wondering where they can get certified.

  9. Anonymous P Body · 1303 days ago

    It also promises a "perfect image transmission" too? If it does all that they should be FLYING off the shelves because there are people who are gullible enough to buy that thing....that is most certainly a scam, availablle at all local wal-marts, wal-greens, and K-mart? Or is it available at all of our local service stations? I was just wondering, lol....

  10. Mike · 1303 days ago

    Virus noises are of course those noises that spread from host to host and propagate themselves.

    Epidemics of Noise Viruses have caused great harm to conversation over the years. The "Whaasssuupp!!" epidemic that marked the start of the millennium damaged reputations worldwide for 3 to 4 years.

    Noise viruses that have caused great harm such as "Are we there yet?", "That's what she said...", and imitations of Cartman.

    If more people installed their media equipment with 1.3c cables protected by 100% Mylar we would suffer less from these terrible noise viruses and may even be protected from other damaging noises such as Fran Drescher.

  11. Moeez · 1303 days ago

    Doesn't matter. Had LOL.

  12. Robert P · 1303 days ago

    I think the word they were reaching for was "parasite".

  13. Logosia · 1303 days ago

    You are all idiots. - Jim, Kyle, Pete. Try looking up words before you make fun of them. Quieten is in the British vocabulary. Queen's english, which by the way, was here before the American English.

  14. soshimo · 1303 days ago

    That's what happens when you outsource your translations to South East Asia. It's the next meme. Remember, all your base are belong to us!

  15. bart bral · 1303 days ago

    Is this your photo?... Because besides the red circles and arrows it is Photoshopped to the max... Just asking...

    • I highlighted the particular bullet to make it stand out. But if you Google the cable you'll find it in online stores (and it references its antivirus capabilities)

  16. Sarky bugger · 1303 days ago

    It will, Pete, IF you tie it tight enough around your neck!

  17. So is it 100% mylar or is it coated in 24 karat gold? or is it 24 karat gold mylar??

  18. erik · 1303 days ago

    Arent all those HDMI cables a fraud though?

  19. Shawn Clarady · 1303 days ago

    SHHHHHHH........ Did you hear that? It sounds like a Trojan Horse. LOL

  20. vampaerus · 1303 days ago

    signals induced into a cable by another parallel cable is sometimes referred to as "parasitic" noise. Bad translation of that concept?

  21. Absolute crap!!

    I'm against regulating too much, but doesn't this fall under some regulatory departments area here?

  22. Tim · 1303 days ago

    In built AV protection?
    connections plated in 24 karat gold?
    This must be the cable of the gods.

  23. Mark · 1303 days ago

    The W32/Beiber-J has to be one of the worst in this category

  24. Shiny317 · 1303 days ago

    I hope they don't do updates that find false positives or I'd not be able to listen to music on my PC as it may falsely think it's a noisy virus. I've not been unlucky too often to get malware and viruses, but when I had, musical viruses would have been very handy. It'd be the perfect way to know if you got malicious software on your PC if it played a little tune everytime it run. Far easier to detect than those pesky silent ones that run in the background unnoticed..... as they say, it's the quiet ones you have to look out for :p

  25. Disappointed · 1303 days ago

    Erm, am I missing something? Look at the image folks. Wrong font, wrong font size (it's perfectly straight, the others bend), wrong colour, poorly blended. Massively faked, and badly at that !!! Is this what Sophos resorts to for publicity these days?

    • I altered the image to make the words stand out more clearly.

      If you Google for the cable you'll find it advertised (with reference to its antivirus capabilities) in online stores.

      So, I don't think you can call it a fake.

  26. MikeP · 1303 days ago

    As an electronics engineer I am always amused by these stories. The only element that may (?) be of some value is gold plating of contacts - but only if both plug and socket are plated - as it reduces contact resistance and hence noise. But as HDMI carries digital signals that are subjected to error correction at the receiving end there is absolutely no need for any of this, just ensure you buy a good quality cable without wasting your hard earned cash. Remember the falacy of gold-plated mains leads for HiFi buffs? Doesn't work that way at all! Stop believing anything 'marketing' say as they don't understand and don't care about that little word 'truth'.

  27. Lona · 1303 days ago

    Innovative Apple iPhone5 Testers Wanted IS THIS BOGUS?

  28. In recent years my Xbox 360 has become riddled with viruses which I suspect were being spread via HDMI. In my house we share the same HDMI cable between the Xbox, PS3 and satellite receiver and upon consulting numerous IT security experts the only logical reason for these viruses is due to the extensive plugging of the cable into multiple HDMI sockets. The viruses have been ruining my life, they are just too loud and really interfere with everyday life. My housemates and I have suffered many sleepless nights at the hands of these loud HDMI viruses (literally because of all the noise!).

    That is, until I purchased this cable..

    Since buying this brand of cable our lives have been turned around. My Xbox 360 has never been healthier and this is evident by the improved image transitions. This marvellous cable contraception had eliminated all those viruses and now we rarely hear them at all, if ever! I can finally get a good nights sleep and focus more on the important things in life. It has changed my life for the better.

  29. Sean · 1303 days ago

    Looks like it's fake, sounds like it's fake, but probably isn't ...

    Here's the link, complete with the same text, where you can spend $19.84 to get one :

    Unfortunately there are no reviews :(

  30. Bub · 1303 days ago

    Looks like something they could have copied word-for-word from Monster Cable press release.

  31. Sharp · 1303 days ago

    What kind of AntiVirus does it use?

    Some of these other comments are way off base as they didn't seem to read the product discription, and attempted to make a stupid joke like the author. The cable is 100% mylar shielding, which is a polyester, which protects against noise interference, and supposedly it has an Antivirus protection. This should have been two comments and not incorporated into 1.

    Seems some people just don't deal with Networking Cables that much. There is a difference between Shielded and Unshielded cables.

    Graham Cluley I expected better from you than this stupid article. You make yourself look r*****ed with this type of article.

  32. VA_IT_Guy · 1303 days ago

    Let's hear it for those awesome Chinese to English translators over in China where this cable was undoubtedly manufactured and packaged.

    Whee rite engrish well!

  33. DavidHeath · 1302 days ago

    @Disappointed... If you look closely you'll see it's a sticker that's been added to the printed card.

    Presumably it replaces something that made even less sense!

  34. lemonsucker · 1302 days ago

    Joke all you want, my picture improved dramatically when I switched out my $150 Monster HDMI cable for one of these babies... it's like I was blind and now I can see. You'll see.

  35. OmniTeK · 1299 days ago

    Haha - it also protects your "Blue-Ray" !!

  36. Jawdropped · 1299 days ago


    I need one of these for my PC.

    No more virus on my noisy porn pics.... I cant believe this..

    Almost as bad as "write a GUI using VB to track an IP", and "DNA results in one hour" ..

  37. well, at the price of spoiling the fun: what they originally means is that the cable reduces the transmission noise emergingn from "parasitic capacitances"

  38. Graue Eminenz · 1171 days ago

    Mylar is a trade name for PET, means plastic, the stuff of which plastic bottles with water, cola etc. are made of.
    And we all the force of plastic bottles against noises of viruses,

    This is the most outrageous lie I ever saw printed on any technical product.

  39. Jill Do · 1168 days ago

    a .....must have


  40. Phil · 1155 days ago

    It doesn't say it has anti-virus. It has anti-virus PROTECTION. It apparently protects against those pesky anti-viruses. You know what trouble THEY can cause.

  41. Rachel · 959 days ago

    it dosnt mean NOISE you can HEAR it means INTERFERENCE with your signal - noise as in RFI - causing a less than desirable result or display in your graphics - GEEZ- dont all jump on the gravy train and act smart when u arnt thinking in ELECTRONICS terms-

    on the authority that I have a degree in Comp and Electronics Engineering

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