Gmail explains why it put *that* email in your spam folder

GmailEver wondered why an email message was quarantined in your spam folder? Well, Google’s Gmail is now sharing that information.

In a blog post, Google announced that it would be sharing information about why it marked specific emails as spam.

So, lets take a look at some examples.

Remember last month’s malware campaign which posed as a scan from an HP printer?

Well, Gmail is intercepting those types of messages:

Example of spam on Gmail

Here’s another example of a spam email intercepted by Gmail. This time they say they are blocking it because they have seen so many other spam messages originating from the same place:

Example of spam on Gmail

I think it’s good that Google Gmail is doing this. If you don’t care why something was shoved in your spam folder you can happily ignore it. But if you’re curious there’s certainly no harm in Google sharing a few more details of why it made the decision it did.

And maybe it will also help educate people a little more about the spam problem.