Lost your mobile? You’re not alooooooone…

man talking into banana phone

man talking into banana phoneI lost my phone a few weeks ago. I was on the Eurostar returning to London from Paris, and somehow the phone didn’t make it home with me. Really really annoying that I lost it. It was locked, and thankfully I had enabled an option to wipe it completely should I report it as lost or stolen.

This is not the first time I have lost a phone. I have left them in airplanes, in cabs, at friends’ houses…it is embarrassing really. But it turns out I am by no means alone.

A Lookout Labs project has just been released, providing a fresh way to look at lost mobile stats and figures. Hats off guys – very cute.

In reverse order, here are the US cities where you are most likely to lose your phone. (Feel free to check out their methodology.)

Top ten US cities where people lose phones

10. Boston
9. New York
8. Baltimore
7. Cleveland
6. Detroit
5. Newark
4. Long Beach
3. Oakland
2. Seattle
1. Philadelphia

Below is an amateurish collage created by yours truly of the top ten places where people lose their phones in London, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City. It does provide fabulous insight into how we spend our time in different cities.
collage of Lookout's top ten places we lose phones

If you have lost your phone, you might want to visit Help, I lost my phone, a site pulled together by the ISIPP, after you have had a little cry of course.