LulzSec Reborn claims responsibility for military dating site hack, accounts exposed

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LulzSec170,000 users of a military dating website are believed to have had their account information exposed as the result of a hack by a group claiming to be the new incarnation of the notorious LulzSec gang.

The original LulzSec gang had its summer of hacktivism brought to a swift end last summer, after a number of its alleged members were arrested.

Of course, on the internet, anyone can claim to be whatever they want and so it's not particularly surprising to see that it was a group calling itself LulzSec Reborn that posted a message on PasteBin announcing the hack of

Message on PasteBin

The website was recently closed day ago or so, so we dumped email db
There are emails such as ; ; ; ; etc..

Email addresses, usernames, real names and - in some cases - physical addresses belonging to romance-seeking members of the military were included in the haul of information posted on the internet.

If you know anyone who has ever used the Military Singles website, it would be a good idea to tell them to change their password as a precaution - and to ensure that they are not using the same password anywhere else.

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5 Responses to LulzSec Reborn claims responsibility for military dating site hack, accounts exposed

  1. raw · 1254 days ago

    Dumb hack.

  2. C P · 1254 days ago

    This browser shot looks like a page I got on facebook last summer. I've changed passwords several times but still have someone "intruding" on my facebook visits. Today I'm using my phone to access it because a brief visit resulted in a strange almost threatening message from a friend followed by my being unable to restart my computer. Since that browser page last summer, I've had my computer shut down spontaneously on a number of occasions and fail to restart. I reported the incident to facebook shortly after it happened, but, today it looks like they are back.

  3. deadcal · 1254 days ago

    What a pointless stunt. Then again, the young do stupid things they think are cool all the time. I know I did ;-)

  4. disclosure · 1254 days ago checklist for users uploaded at

  5. Mike · 1254 days ago

    I think they maybe having trouble discerning between funny (Strange) and funny.

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