Check from Christian Liberty Financial? Beware spammed-out malware attack

Check from Christian Liberty Financial? Beware spammed-out malware attack

ChequesWould you believe your luck if someone handed you money in the street for doing.. well.. nothing?

Probably not. So why would you believe an email that arrives out of the blue, claiming to have a check attached?

We’re intercepting a malicious spam campaign that claims to come from Christian Liberty Financial, and might trick the unwary into believing that they have landed a windfall of umpteen thousand dollars (the actual amount can vary).

Here’s an example we intercepted with a subject line of “Check from Christian Liberty Financial” with the date and time attached:

Malicious email

The attached ZIP file claims to contain details of your check, but in reality are designed to infect your PC. Sophos products will detect the malware proactively as Mal/BredoZp-B.

So, the usual rules apply. Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date, and don’t forget to use your common sense when opening unsolicited emails which arrive out of the blue sounding too good to be true.

Pile of checks image from ShutterStock.