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15 Responses to Vote for Sophos Naked Security to help us win a Useful Social Media Award

  1. Nick · 1262 days ago

    cant seem to find you on any of the categories?

    • Anna Brading · 1262 days ago

      Hi Nick, we're under the "Most Effective B2B Marketing" category. The link should take you straight to that category and you can just scroll down to find Sophos.

  2. guest · 1262 days ago


  3. David · 1262 days ago

    You should have mentioned that your entry is in the Best B2B category. Took me a while to find it without that info. :):)

    • Anna Brading · 1262 days ago

      Thanks David, it should take you straight to that category but i've updated the article to avoid further confusion :)

  4. Voted..! Sophos deserved it.

  5. Vito · 1262 days ago

    I want youse guys to win.

  6. Ralph Roussey · 1262 days ago

    Very helpful!

  7. Rick · 1262 days ago

    Like the "and you can vote again tomorrow" , you get my vote anyway ;)

  8. Julie-Anne · 1262 days ago

    voted...good luck and all the best Sophos

  9. Charles Dale · 1262 days ago

    I voted for Sophos.

    I hope you guys win.

  10. Cyber L · 1262 days ago


  11. Ron Harman · 1262 days ago

    A stock're miserable pleaders, i'm not sure you deserve my vote ;p

    • caroletheriault · 1262 days ago

      As the editor, I *could* for writers to post a picture of them begging for your vote.... What do you think? It's not too Rebekah Brooks, is it? :)

  12. Robert Strimaitis · 1262 days ago

    If I still had a website I would put you first on BOLD LINK so no could overlook SNS :)

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About the author

Anna Brading is Naked Security's editor. She has worked in tech for more than ten years and as a writer with Sophos for over five. She's interested in social media, privacy and keeping people safe online.