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Pinterest diet spam - is the site doing enough to stop it?

Pinterest diet spam

As Pinterest's popularity increases, so do the reports of spam on the fast-growing photo-sharing network.

Is the website doing enough to counter the threat?

Iran oil terminal suffers malware attack

Iran oil terminal suffers malware attack

The Mehr news agency in Iran is reporting that the oil ministry and entire industry has been taken offline after suffering a malware attack.

iPhone app 'Lock My Screen'? Well, no, it doesn't actually


iPhone users are being tricked into buying a phony screen-lock app, which is actually nothing more than a wallpaper.

Tor-hidden online narcotics store, 'The Farmer's Market', brought down in multinational sting

Drugs money

Eight men have been arrested for running a secret online store that sold more than $1 million worth of narcotics. It's alleged that the gang hid its tracks by operating on the Tor network.

India becomes the king of the spammers, stealing America's crown


SophosLabs reports on the top twelve spam relaying countries for January - March 2012.

CISPA debate rages on in the US, what's all the fuss about?

CISPA debate rages on in the US, what's all the fuss about?

A new law being debated in the US is causing concern among privacy advocates. The law is designed to encourage information sharing to thwart cybercrime, yet even the White House is expressing concerns over the privacy implications of the bill.

Formula 1 website attacked by Anonymous, brought down by DDoS

Formula 1 website attacked by Anonymous, brought down by DDoS

Anonymous hacktivists blasted the Formula 1 website off the net, with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. - Your photo all over Facebook? Naked? Malware campaign spammed out - Your photo all over Facebook? Naked? Malware campaign spammed out

SophosLabs is intercepting a spammed-out malware campaign, pretending to be an email about a revealing photo posted online of the recipient.

The emails, which have a variety of subject lines and message bodies, arrive with an attached ZIP file ( which contains a Trojan horse.

Fraudulent calls target US banks, another look at caller ID spoofing


A recent report has shown a large increase in the number of fraudulent phone calls attempting to voice phish customers of US banks.

Only 4% of IT staff trust users: free security toolkit now available

Apple education

User education is of course a great idea, but we all know how hard it is to get the messages across in a clear and memorable way. Sophos launches a free education toolkit to help the poor IT guys who are responsible for user education.

Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware

Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware

Tempted to try out the much talked about Instagram app? Well, be careful where you get it from - as malware authors are distributing malware disguised as the popular app.

Practical IT: how to assess a third-party provider's security (part 2)


In the second part of his article on how to assess the security of a third-party provider, Ross McKerchar takes a look at security functionality.

New Bill in the UK wants internet to be censored from porn by default

feet drawing 250

A new Bill wants to protect children by requiring all users to opt-in if they want to access porn. This would create a system of censorship by default. Is this necessary when parents already have access to porn-management tools?

Alleged TeaMp0isoN teen hackers charged with jamming anti-terrorist hotline

teen hacker

Two teenagers have been arrested following a series of prank calls and DoS (denial-of-service) attacks launched against the Anti-Terrorist Hotline.

FLAMING RETORT: All this new Mac malware - whose fault is it?

FLAMING RETORT: It's all your fault!

Flaming Retort is back, this time trying to Coole and Explayne the flames we've had from some Mac users in the past few days.

In a back-to-front way of making Mac fans feel better, I'll start by making everyone feel slightly worse, taking a small potshot at Windows, OS X and Linux fans alike.

BSides Austin - Security tools for the cloud, password storage, GoogleTV hacks, card key hacking and how to get ahead in IT

BSides Austin - In the clouds

There were lots of fantastic presentations at BSides Austin last week, here are a few of our favorites.

New version of Sabpab Mac Trojan emerges, spread via Word documents


A new version of the Mac OS X Sabpab Trojan horse has come to light, and rather than relying upon a Java vulnerability - it appears to be exploiting malformed Word documents instead.

Hack of Hyatt Twitter account by Acai Berry spammers is a warning for us all

Hyatt Acai Berry Twitter hack

Acai Berry spammers briefly take over Twitter account belonging to Hyatt Hotels.

Is your company taking the security of its social media accounts seriously enough?

Apple ratchets up security on App Store and iTunes

Apple ratchets up security on App Store and iTunes

Apple is prompting some of its iTunes/App Store/iOS customers to set up three new security questions and an alternate email, in an attempt to smother a growing wave of phishing and fraud.