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4 Responses to Should schools use Facebook to spy on students?

  1. Graham · 1205 days ago

    Why do people "friend" unknowns? The school is obviously failing to educate the pupils in the safe use of the internet!

  2. JLavePoze · 1204 days ago

    I'm less concerned that the students fell for the fake profile. It isn't a good sign, but last year a bunch of security professionals fell for a fake profile and some people still follow "Robin" on twitter. I'm more concerned that an administrator is freinding pupils. Most schools have policies against interaction between faculty and students on social media to avoid inappropriate behavior. I understand the impulse to check up on students to make sure there isn't any bullying, underage drinking etc. going on, but there has to be a line in the type of interaction faculty can have with students outside the classroom and this clearly crossed that line.

  3. Syctris · 1204 days ago

    School Administration is responsible for what the children are doing while at school or school functions, that is it. Once they leave school, it is back to the parents being actual parents and doing their job. Not sure where school's get the idea that this is okay or acceptable behavior on their part?

  4. Ken · 1115 days ago

    There's a world-wide epidemic of individuals, people we know and those we don't know, corporations and governments obsessed with peering into our lives electronically. They want to know everything there is to know about us. For starters, I find this to be just a different kind of perversion.
    The governments, in "democratic" countries spy on the very people who elect these people into office. Explain that one to me. We vote for people, too many of whom prove - while in office, to be of questionable character and yet, they spy on us.
    Those doing the spying will always have a "good reason" to so. The governments are only protecting us from terrorists and other miscreants. Corporations are only collecting market information and, the nosy individuals only want to get to know us better.
    Back in the days when I read Playboy magazine, I read it only because it had really good articles.

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